7 Ways To Be The Woman That He Needs

Hello Ladies! Thanks for stopping by! I was going to say ‘grab your favorite warm drink and settle in’ but it’s August and so hot outside I feel like I can’t breathe….. So on second thought, grab some iced coffee or lemonade and join me for a good ole’ heart-to-heart chat! I have to say, Character Building is probably my favorite thing in the world to write about, discuss, and think about. There’s just something so inspiring about it! To […]

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2019: A Year To Cherish

2019: A Year To Cherish - A Sweet N Simple Life - Cynthia Zander

Happy New Years to all of you lovely people! I feel like 2018 just started, but yet here we are, welcoming 2019. To celebrate the start of this brand new year, full of potential, I’m finally back from my way-too-long blogging break. Your sweet words of support and encouragement over the past few months have meant the world to me! I’m looking forward to sharing a year full of growth, encouragement, and blessings with you! 2019 is going to be […]

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8 Bible Verses Every Young Woman Needs To Know

Good morning, ladies! I hope you have all been doing well. I know that I haven’t shown my face around here lately, but don’t worry, I’m still here! My schedule is finally starting to balance itself out, so I will *hopefully* be blogging more often in the future. Today, I’m going to be sharing just a few of my favorite bible verses that I think every young woman needs to know and keep in mind. Hopefully they can be an […]

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3 Ways To Prevent Writer’s Block

Writer’s block. If you’re a writer, then you’ve been there. I guarantee it. Over and over and over again, you’ve stared blankly at the page in front of you, absolutely clueless about what to write. But what causes writer’s block and what can you do to stop it? Well, that’s something that I’m still trying to figure out. If you have it all figured out, please let me know! Today, I’ve come up with 3 ways to prevent writer’s block, […]

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3 Things That Define A Good Role Model

3 Things That Define A Good Role Model - A Sweet N Simple Life Blog #christian #inspirational #asweetnsimplelife #blog

What makes a successful person? What makes someone a good role model? Is it their age? Wealth? Fame? Is it living a picture perfect life? Never making mistakes? Well, maybe it’s their struggles. Maybe it’s the way that they pushed their way through the storms of life one step at a time, and came out stronger for it. Maybe it’s the way that their struggles were turned into something beautiful, not despair and ruins. Today we’re going to be focusing […]

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13 Creative Bible Study Resources

13 Creative Bible Study Resources - A Sweet N Simple Life Blog - #Christianlife #life #blog #asweetnsimplelife #inspirational

Well, according to a recent Instagram poll, 100% of you were interested in bible study & journaling resources. So here we are! Today I’m going to be sharing some of my long-time favorites, newly discovered obsessions, and even a few things that I don’t have yet, but am looking forward to trying out! So here we go, 13 creative Bible study resources that will take your devotions and bible study to a whole new level! This post may contain affiliate links. Click […]

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Ladies, Let’s Talk About Your Future Husband Lists

Ladies, Let's Talk About Your Future Husband Lists - A Sweet N Simple Life Blog #asweetnsimplelife #relationships #christiandating #inspirational #christianlife

Okay Christian single ladies, let’s talk about your future husband lists…… It’s a sweet idea isn’t it? You write a list of all of the qualities and expectations that you have for a future husband so that when you meet a guy, you can start comparing him to your checklist and see how well he matches up with your expectations. Well guess what!! I’m not really here to talk about a future husband checklist and everything that should be on […]

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5 Life Changing Strategies To Break Bad Cell Phone Habits

How many times today have you picked up your phone and started scrolling without even realizing it? How often do you mindlessly scroll through, not even seeing what you’re looking at? Having technology so easily available, and the entire world at our fingertips, is actually turning out to be quite the struggle! Everywhere we look, there are people glued to their phones and other electronic devices. Families can’t sit through dinner without texting and the constant buzzing of notifications. People […]

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3 Simple Ways To Stay Productive & Get More Done

3 Simple Ways To Stay Productive & Get More Done - A Sweet N Simple Life Blog #blog #inspirational #asweetnsimplelife #productivity #intentionalliving

Do you ever feel like you’re slamming a brick wall when you’re trying to be productive? Do you ever feel like you spend all your time running in circles, yet never get anything accomplished? Well, then this post is for you! It’s a pretty common occurrence to hear someone talking about how there’s just never enough time in the day, or how they’re always running in circles, but feel like they’re never getting anything done. It’s easy to fall into […]

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