Day Trip

Thursday afternoon my parents took me on a day trip for my birthday. It had been planned for months, but I had no idea where we were going. We pulled into a little shop off of Route 30 and they told me we were taking the entire day to go ‘junk shopping.’ It wasn’t what I was expecting, but I was excited to see what we could find! At the first stop I bought a wooden Alto G Flute. Next, we stopped at a yard sale and I got a beautiful tea set. It is white with small gray leaves around the edges. I set it in the trunk and was hoping that nothing would break before we got home….. Well, nothing broke before we got home…. When we got home I unwrapped it all and set it out on the table. I was standing at the table trying to get the lid off of a small stone crock. The lid came off and the crock dropped out of my hands and smashed one of the tea cups all over the floor. Thankfully, it had seven cups when I got it, so I was left with an even six.

Dad at one of the junk shops. This place was crazy. There was just so much random stuff!


We went into some AMAZING antique stores that had clothing from the colonial time period. I have always loved old clothing and quilts. Some of the quilts we saw had such intricate patterns and stitching. It was kind of strange how some of the simplest little things had such a great value. Who would have ever thought that their rag doll would someday be worth over 1600 dollars!?

At one shop I was looking through the shelves and I saw a big white pitcher sitting inside of a white and blue washbowl. I thought it was pretty but I almost didn’t even check the price tag. I hadn’t seen a set like that all day that was cheaper than 60 dollars. I am glad I stopped to take a second look though because it was only five dollars! When you shop at ‘junk shops’ you can sometimes find amazing old things for great prices.

Mom ordered this Rueben sandwich for lunch. It looked and tasted amazing!!


We had a very fun day, but after visiting all of the dusty old junk shops, I was sooo glad that I keep hand sanitizer in my purse!!


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