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Day Trip – Part 2

The last place that we stopped during our day trip was crazy. It was just… crazy. I have never in my life seen so much stuff just set, placed, shoved, and stuffed, anywhere it could fit. You could barely walk through some areas. There were some very nice things, but they were just surrounded by almost every single thing you could imagine. Couches, Dishes, Hutches, Kitchen Tables, Chairs, Bed Frames, Cabinets, Fish Ponds, Desks, seriously EVERYTHING.

In one of the buildings they had a Steinway piano from the 1800’s.  It was beautiful! The current value for this piano is $22,000. It was in great condition and didn’t have any noticeable scratches or dents. The owner heard that I played piano and he said I was welcome to play it. I have played plenty of old pianos, but this one was definitely the oldest! It was extremely out of tune, the pedals were completely broken, and the keys were loose.  I played a few notes just to hear how it sounded. It sounded pretty sad…




We were laughing at this sign we saw on the door of an antique store.  ‘UNATTENDED CHILDREN WILL BE SOLD AS SLAVES!’    wow.. that’s just.. great… 🙂





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