Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to my AMAZING mother! She is a great Pastor’s Wife and an amazing Mother to 5 children. (We think she’s the best!)  She can always put a smile on your face! She is always such a blessing and encouragement to everyone around her. My siblings and I are so blessed to have such a Godly woman to look up to!

I asked my grandma a few things about Mom when she was a child.  She got saved when she was 5 years old. Grandma said that they got her a Bible and a Bible cover for her ninth birthday. They were happy to see that Mom loved it and was so thankful. Grandma also said that sometimes she would walk into her room at 2 or 3 in the morning, and Mom would be sitting at her desk, studying her Bible. She still has her Bible from when she was a child. It is very special to her!

She is kind, caring, funny, and she is extremely supportive and encouraging. I really don’t know what we would do without her! She is such a big blessing in my music. She has always pushed us to do our best in everything that we do. Whether it’s instruments, singing, school, etc. No matter what it is, we should do our best. And we always know that we have amazing, supportive parents standing behind us, cheering us on!

Mom, We all love you so much! I truly couldn’t ask for a better mother! Thank you so much for everything!!

She also does a GREAT job writing a blog for ladies on our church’s website. Her latest one is titled Does The Lord Have Your Heart. It is a great reminder and very thought provoking!

Click the link below to read ‘Does The Lord Have Your Heartand many other great blog posts for Christian ladies.


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  1. Cynthia as your mother was always an encouragement in my life you are following in her footsteps. I to tease when I knew I was learning something from her. I’d say parent obey your child in the Lord…. knowing I’m taking yh8s out of context I always wanted her to know just because I’m the mom doesn’t mean I can’t continue to learn.

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