God Gave Us Time… and Choices

I have been very busy lately and haven’t taken the time to write anything, so today I’m sharing this great ladies blog post written by my amazing mother!!

We live in a time when a day hardly passes without hearing, “There’s just not enough time!”

That may seem like a harmless exasperation from one who just has “so much to do.” But will you take a moment with me to stop and think about Who made this time to begin with? Who put seven days in a week, 24 hours in a day, and sixty minutes in an hour. God knew every hair we would have on our head. He knew every detail that would encompass our daily life. Yet He still put seven days in a week, 24 hours in a day, and just sixty minutes in an hour.

Is that enough? It was for Him.

I think it is time we say it is enough for us. If God made my body to need 7-9 hours of sleep. I need to get 7-9 hours of sleep. If God gave me a husband and children, I need to spend the time necessary to care for my husband and children. If God desires a personal relationship with me daily in His Word and in prayer, then I do have the time to read and pray. If God has chosen a ministry for me to be a part of, I must also have time for serving.

It comes down to two very simple truths. Math… and choices. Math tells us that there are 1,440 minutes in a day. If we take away 480 (that’s 8 hours) for sleep that leaves a whopping 960 minutes left for us stay at home mom’s. If you spend another 480 at work each day you still have 480 left. So, either way, there’s the math. Math doesn’t lie.

Math doesn’t lie, but humans do. Many claim they don’t get near 8 hours of sleep… but that just makes our case worse. That means we have MORE time to get done those things we say there isn’t enough time for. Many studies have been done to prove that most of the time we overestimate the time we spend working and underestimate the time we admit to sleeping and relaxing. There are many great time management websites and books dedicated to that topic and I’ll let the professionals deal with the rest of that!

And maybe your situation is different. After all, each of us is unique! You may have health issues that cause you to spend more of your time in bed, or maybe the opposite goes for you and you can buzz around on just 5-6 hours. Or maybe due to a new baby or child’s illness you just can’t get the rest your body needs, but you have to just pull through any ways! (I’m sure we’ve all been there!)

Let’s get to that second truth. Choices.  

It is very easy to confuse time and choices. I can illustrate this very quickly. Ask someone to time you. Walk into your bathroom and clean your toilet. Inside and out. Get the whole thing looking like new. If that is something you do regularly it probably took about 5 minutes. How about the sink? Spray it down and give it a good shine. How many minutes did that take? The truth is, most things don’t take very long.

So how is it that we keep “running out of time?”

Choices. You see, time doesn’t wait for us. It keeps moving, whether we do or not.

It probably takes about the same amount of time to read a story to your child as is would to check your messages. Yet the smile on his face is worth more than a thousand emojis- I promise!

If there is time for an hour long television program, there is time to take the prayer list to the prayer closet. We could all use a sweet hour of prayer to escape from the cares of this world and see God’s hand move in our life.

And how many minutes does it take to show kindness? We think we don’t have time- yet all we need to do is give someone a smile and hug, stop and write a thinking of you card, or maybe just sit down for a few minutes with someone you love.

But how do we deal with the rushing about here and there feeling like we can never get everything done? Baby steps. If you have a household chore or errand looming over your head, ruining your day because you just keep thinking of it… thinking that you’ll never get it done… stop a moment and think about how many minutes it would actually take. You might be surprised that you can actually get it done. Or at least get a plan and get started. You will feel much better.

Take care of those minutes. Make them count. Do the important things. If you really DON’T have enough time, analyze your life and think about what God wants you to do. He is the One who gave you seven days in a week, 24 hours in a day, and sixty minutes in every hour!  Your life is made of those minutes!!


*You’ll find this original blog post at http://baptistfreedom.com/ladies.html


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  1. Aw, thank you Cynthia! Glad I could be your guest writer.

    I’m sure after our Big Valley trip this week you will have PLENTY of things to write about!

    You’ve done a great job keeping up with school, housework, and your new mowing job!!

    Love you!

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