A Day in the Life of Cynthia Zander

Rare look inside my thoughts >>> You know that feeling when you have tons of blog posts already finished, all of your blog photos are edited, and you have everything scheduled to publish weeks ahead of time!?!? Yeah, no. I don’t.  I have no idea what that’s like… What in the world am I supposed to blog about today? I honestly have no clue…  I guess I could write something about my daily schedule… What I have been doing the past few days…. I don’t know…… >>>  I’m going to warn you all right now, my life has been THRILLING the past few days! Like crazy exciting! Guess what I did yesterday? I SCRUBBED FLOORS!! And before that? Cleaned out quail hutches and mulched gardens!

Those three things might not sound very exciting, but not everything in life is! Life is not always carefree and easy. It’s not always a walk in the park. There will be jobs that you don’t want to do. Things that you try to push off. Things that are not always fun or enjoyable. I have learned that no matter what you are doing, just put a smile on your face and get it done! You have to work hard and choose to enjoy it!

Make. Life. Joyful. No matter what your responsibilities are or how busy your life is, try to make the best of it. Guess what I did after cleaning the quail hutches and mulching the gardens? I jumped on the rope tree swing! And I spent the next 20 minutes soaring through the air. The wind was blowing hard through the trees and leaves were falling all around me. Then it started to rain…..pour… And because I am just slightly crazy, I kept swinging. And it was awesome! I can’t even remember the last time I had so much fun! It was great until I fell and slid down the muddy hillside… That was, um… not so exciting.

I hope everyone is having a great Autumn! Enjoy the beautiful weather because Winter will be here before you know it!    *Sorry for reminding you 😉



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