Vintage Letters

Today I found an AMAZING treasure at an antique store! An entire box full of letters all written in 1950. They are all written to the same person. A medical doctor during the Korean war. Most of the letters are from his mother and sister. I found one letter so far that was from his wife. I wonder why there aren’t more from his wife? Hopefully they were kept in the family and not dropped off at an antique store like the rest!  I love reading old letters, and have been searching for something like this. Hoping to learn something about someone else’s life. Someone I don’t know. Someone that might not even be alive anymore. But someone who had a life. Just like mine. Sometimes we can start to think of other people as just that! Others. But reading through these letters has been such a good reminder that inside, we are all so much alike! Whoever this person was, he had a life back home. Probably a much different life than that of an army doctor! Back home he had friends, a family that loved him, and who knows what else! What did he leave behind to serve his country? How old was he? Was he quiet or outgoing? How many siblings did he have? Where did he grow up? Was it always his dream to become a doctor? There are so many questions that you want to find the answer to. In reality, most of them will go unanswered! That’s because there are over 7 billion people in this world! That is mind blowing! And each and every one of them has a life and a story. A life that is important to God! Even if I read every single one of these letters a hundred times, I would still only know a fraction of this person’s life. Yet God knows every thought that every person in the entire world has ever thought. If that’s not amazing then I don’t know what is! He cares for us all so much! He knows the stories, the thoughts, and the emotion behind every single one of these letters. I am so thankful that we have such a loving God who knows the past, present, and future!


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