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Our good friend Randi is an amazing photographer!! She is expanding her business and offered to take our family photos for her portfolio. It was quite an experience! What started out as an absolutely beautiful fall day- turned into a fast approaching thunderstorm!!  The entire shoot took less than an hour. The last few photos had us dodging falling leaves and our hair blowing wildly! We ended in up in a full run back to the car as we squeezed in as many shots as possible. It was truly a great memory and Randi did such a fantastic job capturing the moment for us! Be sure to check out Pure Perspectives photography for your family pictures…… All photo credits to Randi J. Martin.






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16 thoughts on “Family Pictures

  1. Yeah I family’s are really similar! Does your mom homeschool you and your siblings? I am quite busy with homeschooling all my children except for Michael, Sherry, Julia, and Jessica who are graduated. Can you imagine homeschooling 5 kids let alone almost 20 kids?!?!? Yeah I know it’s crazy but I love doing it and getting to be around my children more because of it! Julia won’t let me help clean up from dinner because she said I need to be resting from of being pregnant with so many children. Have a blessed evening! – Jenna

      1. That is great that your mom homeschools you! The curriculum we use is Weaver. Weaver does not come with math so we use teaching text books and Abeka for math. We use teaching text books for the older ones and Abeka for the younger ones because teaching text books is grades 3- 12 so we obviously have ones that are not quite there yet! What curriculum does your mom use for you and your siblings? Have a good day! Love, Jenna

        1. We use Rod and Staff until third grade, and then we do Alpha & Omega Publications & Switched On Schoolhouse. (Sometimes substituting other cirriculums for the high school math)

          1. Oh that’s interesting. I never heard of rod and staff. I’ll have to go check it out. I never realize how much I love my girls are until they are away! Since the girls have been traveling the little ones and other kids wanted to do something to so tonight we are going out to eat. We never really go out to eat because with as many people we have in our family it’s extremely expensive. So that should be a treat for them. They don’t even know about it yet because we just told them they need to dress nice and that we were going away tonight. Also I know it’s busy having 5 kids because I once had 5 children but I was wondering if I could ask your mom something/talk to her??? It’s nothing long and complicated it should only take a few minutes of her time but if I could talk to her that would be a blessing. Thanks, Jenna

          2. Awe, Hope you all had fun! If you would like to get in touch with my mom and ask a question or something, it would be best to do that through the contact page. If you could leave a message there, we can get back to you as soon as possible ☺ Blessings!

  2. Sorry but the only way I could talk to your mom would be through comment because like the girls told you before our email is down and NOT working currently. We are trying to get it fixed but haven’t figured it out yet. So I guess I can’t talk to her? Thank you, we had a great time this evening! Have a great night!

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been out of town. If there was something that you wanted to ask my mother, you can just comment here and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Blessings!

      1. Hello Heidi! I had a question… how do you have your kids do school? What I mean is like do they each have a desk, do they sit at the table, or do they just sit on the couch or something? I know both of these are stupid questions but I was just wondering… and another thing was do you have any picky eaters at your house? If so what would you do to get to eat the food they don’t want? I have a friend who’s little girl only likes a few foods and she can’t get her to try any thing else. I was asking you because none of my kids are picky and actually prefer salad and fruit and vegetables for some strange reason but I’m not complaining! Have a good day! Love Jenna

        1. Hello! My older girls do school in their rooms, the youngest sits with me at the table, and the others have desks where they do their work. And as for the picky eater…… Sorry, but I wouldn’t know. I guess my kids were just never allowed to complain about their food or not eat fruits or vegetables ☺

          1. Hello Heidi! Yeah that’s kind of how we do it. The girls go to their room and know what they are to do and the boys and Lily (she is 4) need more help with doing their stuff. About picky eaters my friend was able to figure it out. My kids never were picky. If you were to ask me for advice for picky eating kids I couldn’t answer that because I was blessed with kids that were not picky and actually prefer salad and that type of stuff over sweets. Have a wonderful week! Love, Jenna

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