2017 The Year Of Your Life

Heading into a new year, I’m always filled with a combination of excitement, wonder, and maybe even some worry and fear. Right now, there are eleven untouched months in 2017. Each day like a story just waiting to be written. An empty page just waiting to be filled. Right now, that can be somewhat of an overwhelming thought! Right now, we have no idea what exactly the future holds. We have no idea of everything that could happen this year. Sure, we all have our plans, hopes, dreams. Things that we expect or want to happen. But things don’t always work out like we think they will. Sometimes there is an unexpected turn in the road. This time next year, 2017 will be gone and behind us. Leaving us only with memories to look back on.


Just like all of the years in the past, there will be some good, and some bad. Some joyous, and some heartbreaking. Just like all of the years in the past, we will look back and think of what we should have done differently. Regret some things we said or did. And wish that we could change a few things. But hopefully, we will all look back at some of the best moments of our life. Moments of joy, laughter, family, love. Moments of faith, hope, forgiveness, peace. The list just goes on and on! At the end of the year, I hope we will all be able to say that we did our best.

Choose to be a servant. Choose to put others first. Choose to do your best. Choose to be happy. Choose to pray your way through the struggles. Choose to make good memories. Choose to set realistic goals and then attain them! Don’t just do the bare minimum to ‘survive’ the year 2017. Jump in and start to swim! Through everything that life can throw at us, God is always there. Remember that he cares for you. He wants you to succeed. He wants you to look back and say, “Look what God has done in my life! I can’t believe how far I have come in one year!” Will 2017 be the best year of your life so far? Hopefully so! Do your best and pray that God will bless!

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