Letter To My Sister On Her Birthday

Happy birthday to my youngest sister! You are such an amazing young girl! We have had 8 wonderful years with you and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you in the next 8 years! Knowing you, I’m sure that a lot of exciting things will happen between now and your 16th birthday. Mom laughs at me sometimes when I get frustrated with you for doing something totally crazy. She will just laugh and say, “She is so much like you. Don’t you remember that you did that exact same thing when you were 7??” What can I say? As crazy as you are sometimes, I guess you’re just a mini-me. Except for your adorable blond hair and blue eyes. Which I’m not jealous of at all……. Well, maybe just a little 🙂

You have such an adorable little personality. You always keep us on our toes because we have no idea what silly thing you are going to say or do next. As energetic and hilarious as you are, you are also one of the sweetest girls that I know! You are always there with a sweet smile, encouraging words, little notes to make my day, and so many other wonderful things! You have such a servant’s heart and always look for ways to serve and help others. I can’t even imagine life without you around. You are always there trying to brighten everyone’s day with your cheery smile. You have such a sweet, gentle and caring heart. For such a young girl, you are already becoming a great shoulder to lean on. You always give the best hugs, and my heart always melts when I hear you saying “Uga-muga.” to us all before bed. (Just a little thing she has said since she was a toddler. It means I love you.)

Your interest in music has been growing everyday. I know that someday soon you will be a great musician and singer. I love it when I find you learning and practicing your chords on the piano. And your voice? Um, it’s AMAZING!! I’m sure that you will soon be the family’s lead singer! When it comes to music, you have been pleasantly surprising me all of the time! For instance, just a few days ago when you were listening to a song and you started singing a second soprano harmony part! Let’s just say, I was so happy that I was speechless….

I just wanted you to know that your big sister is so proud of you! I can’t wait to see what wonderful things happen in the coming years. Keep serving God!

Love you always,



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4 thoughts on “Letter To My Sister On Her Birthday

  1. All of us Mcnight girls have light blonde hair and sea blue eyes so we don’t have much to be jealous of other than your gorgeous dark brown hair! I mean be honest your hair is extremely pretty! Are you having a good christmas? Or I should say did you have a good christmas?

    1. Thank you, Joy! Yes, when I said that I was jealous of her blonde hair and blue eyes I was just teasing ☺ I actually LOVE my dark hair and dark eyes. (In person, my hair is so dark it’s almost black) Yes, hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!

  2. Thanks! We had a wonderful christmas! I wish I had dark hair and dark eyes like yours but I’m going to be honest I love my light hair and I’m not trying to brag but my sister’s and I have the prettiest blue eyes! Our eyes are so blue they are like a bright blue/teal. I can tell your hair is extremely dark! So what have you been doing lately? What are you learning in school? Love Joy💜

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