In Search Of… Longsuffering

So, I’m having an extremely difficult time writing an introduction for this post….. It’s been a long day. Well, week. month. year. life. But, I guess that’s why we all need patience and longsuffering in our lives!  🙂 So, without further ado, the fourth fruit of the Spirit is, longsuffering!


I’m sure that longsuffering is something that we all strive to have in our lives. But when trials and conflicts come, it may sometimes seem almost unattainable.The good news is, it’s not! With God’s help, we can learn to be patient and longsuffering, even during trying times!

This is the fruit of the Spirit that I definitely struggle with the most in my day to day life. Sometimes it will seem like everything in my life is going perfectly!! But then all of a sudden, reality comes crashing down and I quickly find myself praying for patience and longsuffering ….. For an example, when I walk into my (previously clean) room, just to see scattered papers, books, scissors, crayons, markers, and paper shreds all over my bed. Then looking at the floor only to find it covered with little siblings socks, shoes thrown randomly, and even someone’s T-shirt. Like seriously? How in the world did that happen in a matter of minutes!? (That was just last week….) If you have children or young siblings, you should totally understand this scenario. It seems to happen far too often! 🙂

It seems like there are so many things in our life that can become frustrations. It may be relatively small things in our everyday lives, like a toaster that NEVER works when a *certain someone* named Cynthia tries to use it (true story), or it could be something larger, like a work conflict, family struggles, etc. No matter what it is, it seems like there is always something to try our patience. Guaranteed, something frustrating will happen to you today.

But what happens when troubles, trials and conflicts come in our lives? Do we quickly react? Get upset because we were wronged in some way? Lash out with angry hurtful words? Or do we stop and take a breath? Pray and ask God for patience, longsuffering and strength? And yes, I know. It may seem easy to just talk of having patience and longsuffering, but it becomes a lot harder when the difficult situations come our way.

In difficult situations, it can be so easy to forget that our Heavenly Father is waiting to help us through every trouble that comes in our life. He gives patience and longsuffering in trying times. He gives strength when you feel like giving up. He gives hope when you feel down. He will never leave us or forsake us. No conflict or trial is too great for him to handle.

Yes, it is possible to have longsuffering in your life. It’s hard. It’s a daily struggle. Prayers will be prayed over and over again, asking for longsuffering to endure trying times. Will our lives be perfect? No. Will we always do the right thing in every area of life? No. Have I failed? Yes. I have failed in this area and so many others. Will you fail? Yes, because you are human. But even though we will fail, even though we will stumble and fall, that is no reason to give up. No matter how many times you fall, keep getting up! Keep fighting the fight and running the race! God gives grace! God gives victory! Just think about how longsuffering He is to His children. How many times do we fail Him? How many times do we mess things up because of our own ideas and stubbornness? How many mistakes do we make every single day?

Psalm 86:15 But thou, O Lord, art a God full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth.

I think it would help us get through a lot of our everyday problems in life, if we could just remember how longsuffering God is towards us. We have a perfect Heavenly Father! Even though we have all  made so many mistakes, he is still longsuffering and full of compassion, grace, mercy and truth. What an amazing thing to know!

With God’s help, let’s all do our best to display patience and longsuffering in our lives! It won’t always be easy, but with God, all things are possible!



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  1. Thank you!! I needed that! As your mom, you literally see most of my faults… which I am ashamed of… But thankful that each moment we can bow our heads to the Lord and strive to do better through His strength. The Lord never faileth!! Keep your eyes (And heart) on Jesus!!

    1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! You are the best mother anyone could ever ask for. You are such a great encouragement and I’m so glad to have such a wonderful role model. <3

  2. This is a great post! I really need to be more patient and longsuffering. I tend to get angry at my brothers and other people angry … I have a pretty quick temper … and most the time I forget to stop and pray for God’s guidance.

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