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Hello everyone! Today’s post will be brief. First I just want to thank you all so much for the feedback you gave last week with my blogging ideas post. I was quite surprised at the abundance of comments, emails, and messages that readers from all over the world sent. It was all very much appreciated! So when I asked you last week what types of posts you were most interested in, bible studies and bible study ideas were actually one of the most requested things! I haven’t quite decided what kind of bible study I would like to do for a blogging series, but I’m working on it. I promise 😉 Slowly but surely…. So today I will just be sharing what my basic devotions usually look like. (This isn’t all that I read or study in my bible, it’s just a rough outline of what my basic, everyday devotions usually look like.)  I try to always read the chapter of Proverbs for the day. (If you aren’t familiar with this, there are 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs, so it’s the perfect book to read through every month.) Aside from the chapter in Proverbs, I also try to read a few chapters from a different book of the bible that I’m going through. (Currently the book of Psalms) Right now, I’m also doing the Confident in Christ bible reading challenge. Trinity from Adventure For All blog, started this as a bible study plan on her blog and I told her I would participate.

Bible Study

I’m currently on day 2. Would anyone else like to join in? Just comment below and let me know if you would like to participate! You are welcome to join in at anytime. I will possibly be doing a blog post at the end of this challenge to give an overview of what I have learned from these verses. If you follow along, be sure to let me know what you have learned and how you have been encouraged by these verses!


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