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Senior Pictures & Senior Survival Update

Okay, so this post was written by an exhausted senior who doesn’t want to think about how much school work she has to do in the next 7 months, so instead she’s just going to blog………. Sound good? Okay, great.


Hello everyone! Yes, yes, yes, I am still alive…… And calling for help from underneath this huge pile of schoolwork that’s about burying me….. Anyone offering help? Please? Actually, no. I don’t really want help. Stop offering help. I just want to finish this. Alone. All of it. Because I can do this. I’m strong and independent. Yeah I got this. Maybe. Totally. Ugh. It’s okay. I know it’s going to be so worth it!! Six months from now, I’m going to be jumping up and down and screaming because I ACTUALLY DID IT. I ACTUALLY FINISHED SCHOOL. WITHOUT PAYING SOMEONE TO DO IT FOR ME. WOW. (Oh yeah, and you probably shouldn’t expect any super serious/inspirational posts anytime soon because in case you haven’t noticed yet, my brain is just not working like that lately……)

In all seriousness though, I am so beyond excited to be graduating in just a few looooooong short months. I know that the feeling when I finish that last lesson will be so,so worth the hours and hours and hours of…… craziness, that it took to get there. The thought of the accomplishment and excitement of finishing and holding a diploma is keeping me going right now. But feel free to send prayers! And coffee. Yeah, you can totally send coffee. Maybe brownies too? And a warm fleece blanket. That would be great. Okay, seriously, please stop distracting me, we’re supposed to be moving on to senior pictures.

So, I got senior pictures taken last month, and I have to say, I was pretty thrilled with how they turned out, especially considering what that poor photographer had to deal with……. 😉 Bethany is such a sweet friend and it was so much fun doing these pictures with her! And I’m sure she had fun going through all of the flop photos….. She sent me quite a few of them and they were….. let’s just say interesting. And no one ever needs to see those ones. It was actually funny because I either looked really serious, and looked like I was totally about to kill somebody or something, or I was just laughing hysterically, because we were laughing about something she had said, some really terrible flop of a pose, or one of a million other things. (And in case you didn’t know, laughing looks EXTREMELY awkward when captured on camera) Thankfully though, we did manage to get some where I actually looked like a nice, decent, friendly person!! So I would definitely consider the photo shoot a success!

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If you need a photographer, Bethany is really an amazing one! Visit her photography website here at Sweet Treasures Photography for more information. I guarantee that you will not regret asking her to do your pictures! She does such a wonderful job.

Oh, and I’m going to answer these questions now, before you even ask. 

  • The book I am reading is Little Women.
  • The bible verses that my finger’s are kind of pointing to are Proverbs 3:5,6 (The camera focus didn’t really want to cooperate on that one)
  • The instrument that I am playing is a Low D Irish Whistle. (We decided we weren’t going to hire piano movers to push a piano everywhere, so I brought one of my smaller instruments)
  • Oh, and no, that is not an engagement ring. And yes, I’ve been asked that question way too many times already.

To the people that have done this before, do you have any advice and words of wisdom and encouragement to share? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!








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