November in Review

November….. Wow. It’s really flown by. Actually this whole entire year has been flying by way too fast. Oh, and sorry about missing October’s review post. Hopefully in the future, I will post these monthly reviews monthly like they are supposed to be!


Okay, so are you ready for this? I can pretty much sum up the entire month in just one word.


Well, that’s what it feels like anyways….. This is going to take a little while to think of some “highlights” from this month because, well, just because.

Oh, travel! The first two weeks in November I was finishing up my almost month long Iowa/Wisconsin trip. I’m so, so thankful for the opportunity I had to go. It was such a wonderful time and there were so many memories made that will last a lifetime! So, besides that, let’s see what was going on this month……

Listened To >>> Sanctuary (actually all of the albums) by the Stutzman Family // Time For Truth by the Bontrager Family // Ready To Sail by the Erwin Family //  Long Time Ago by Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team

Also, if you don’t have Spotify yet, then what in the world, why don’t you have Spotify yet!?!?!? Seriously, If you don’t have Spotify, you need to download the app on your phone ASAP. (All of the music mentioned above can be found on Spotify.)

Cooked >>> Well, I think I would have to say that my “cooking highlight” of November, would be chicken and dumplings. (And getting an amazing recipe down) If you know my family, you know that raving about and craving chicken and dumplings is quite a regular occurrence. Like practically an everyday thing. Chicken and dumplings is something that is instantly devoured in my family. Not even kidding. So much so, that when the kids found out that I was making chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight, there was actual screaming and jumping up and down. Yes, we take our chicken and dumplings very seriously around here. 😉 So that was my major cooking success of this month.

Read >>> Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life you Want by Michael Hyatt & Daniel Harkavy (This book is a must read) // Vanished, The Sixty-Year Search for the Missing Men of World War II by Wil S. Hylton //Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Created >>> Well, I didn’t technically create anything from scratch this month. BUT I do have a little project that I’m working on just for fun. 😉 Someone offered me a beautiful wedding dress in perfect condition, because they were moving and didn’t want to keep it. Of course I accepted it, thinking that it would be a fun sewing project. And it definitely has been! As soon as I got it home, I laid it out and figured out what I needed to change, remove, add, take out, or let in to get it to my standard of what a wedding dress should look like. So snip, snip, snip, went the fabric scissors! The first thing to go was the princess puff sleeves. Nope, nope, nope, and nope. Not happening. 😉 Then I removed the high neckline (Because apparently people like being choked or something? I have no clue.) and the back, and created a scalloped lace sweetheart neckline in the front, and a lace edged v-back. Next I’m planning on adding small cap sleeves and possibly shortening the chapel train. This project is just for fun, obviously, but I can’t wait to see how it turns out!  (Maybe when I finish it, I’ll post a few pictures. Would anyone be interested in a detailed post about what all I did to it? Just let me know. If I did do a post on it, it would take quite awhile because it’s definitely going to be a few months before I get the dress totally finished.)

School >>> Ha. Ha. Ha. No, it’s really not funny…… Thank God I’m alive. We’ll just leave it at that.

Posted >>> Ya’ll ready for this???  ONE POST. Yeah, my blogging this month can just be classified as a fail. Sorry…..

Senior Pictures & Senior Survival Update

Looking Forward >>> I’m looking forward to…… Ooooooo, I can’t say yet, but it’s going to be awesome! Let’s just say, there may be a new “business venture” on the horizon. And I think it’s going to be pretty cool! Stay tuned for a post coming *hopefully* within the next week or two, telling all about it! I can’t wait!

Oh, and as of today, November 30th, this blog is at 184 followers! Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement, even though I haven’t been able to blog regularly lately. It is so, so very much appreciated!

How was your November? Hopefully everyone had a great month. There’s only one month left in the year, so let’s make it an amazing one!


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27 thoughts on “November in Review

  1. Hello Cynthia! I know how it feels… school school and even more school.📚 I brought some of my school along so I could get some of it done in my free time. I graduate in May!🎓 I am so excited!!!! Other than school it was an amazing month! As far as traveling it sounds like you were able to have a nice trip! My trip has been amazing so far and has been extended to the beginning of January! I miss our house in Texas. This month I have not listened to much but I listened to Shannon Knoxx and Erin Paine(Bates). Same with cooking I have not cooked much because I am away. What I have and still am reading is the moody family books by Sarah Maxwell. Those books are all KJV verses and very good reading material. I crocheted a pair of socks for each of the twins for when they get here on the plane to PA. I would be very nice to see a post on the dress! Please pray for us as we decide whether or not to move or not. Yes, I did Say moving. Our house for y’all would be huge but for us is small and with more baby’s on the way we may have to move. We would still be in Texas just a larger home. It will be very exciting if we end up moving, and I am pretty sure we are!!!!!! Thanks for being such a good friend!👭

    Love, Joy💜 Psalm 100

        1. Yeah that’s probably what happened because I really thought that I followed you. But just a few days ago I randomly unfollowed a whole bunch of blogs (just because my reader was so full) so that’s probably what happened. ☺

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