200 Followers, New Business Ventures & A Blogging Break

This is going to be one of those crazy posts with a little bit of everything….  But it’s more fun that way, right? Oh yeah, totally!


So for the first matter of great excitement, 200 FOLLOWERS!! Near the beginning of October, this blog had just reached 100 followers. Now, only a little more than 2 months later, we’re at a current tally of 208!! Thank you all so much for your encouragement and support! Without you readers, well, this blog definitely still wouldn’t be going.  200 followers came so fast, I didn’t even have time to think about doing some kind of “special” post. So this quickly thrown together post will have to do. 😉 Now, I’m deciding to get ahead of the game and start planning ahead for 300 followers. At 300 followers, we will have a giveaway. And I’m thinking it’s going to be a pretty amazing one! So to all of you amazing readers, thank you all so much for your sweet words of kindness and your faithful reading. Keep reading, following, and sharing with your friends, and hopefully we’ll get to 300 quickly!

So now…… for some semi-sad news….. I’m going to be taking a blogging break for the next 2 years oh, sorry, no, not that long, just until January 1st. So what will I be doing in the 21 days until I come back? Well, I definitely won’t be bored, I assure you! Mostly, I’ll be spending time with family, helping with church music ministry stuff, and trying to get a boatload of schoolwork done.

Besides everything else going on in life, there are going to be some HUGE blog changes going on around here. *Hopefully* most, if not all, of these changes will be completed by January 1st, or soon after. So would you like to hear about what’s going on? Great!

  • First, I’m switching this blog to my own domain and a business WordPress account!
  • The blog is being monetized. (Paid adds, affialiate links, etc. And don’t worry,  no you won’t be bombarded with a million and one adds or affiliate links 😉 )
  • A shop page will be added to the website with music albums and vintage hand lettered pendant jewelry. (And maybe after awhile, several more handmade products, which are not yet being disclosed)
  • And many, many other small changes for the better. There’s just way too many things going on to list every single one, but I’m pretty excited about it all, and can’t wait to see how things work out!


This “Free Indeed” necklace is just one of many different designs that will be available. Stay tuned in January to see how all of this will be working out! Honestly, I’m not. even. close. to having all of this business stuff figured out or knowing exactly how it will all work out. But I’m doing my best, and trusting that hard work and dedication will pay off in this area, just like it has in so many other areas of my life!

And for those non-bloggers who are wondering, YES, blogging can be hard work, and YES, it can be crazy, especially if you are trying to create something successful. (Which can be defined many different ways, of course.) I actually still hesitate to use the words “hard work and dedication” when it comes to working on a computer, because I have always been such a “work with your hands” kind of girl. But yes, this does take a lot of work and dedication, even if it’s not nessacarily “get your hands dirty” kind of work. (Ha, trust me, thankfully, I still have a huge amount of that kind of work in my life 😉 So that’s perfect because it balances out all of the technology work that I am also doing.)

In the past, I would be the first to say, I have not at all been super dedicated to this blog. Now, that will most likely be changing quite a bit as I should be spending a lot more time trying to build up a successful blog/website/small business in this upcoming year.

My goal in blogging right now? To be successful enough that I can afford to hire someone to sort through all of my blog business emails for me. Like don’t you just love it when you open up your email, only to see that you have 879 emails to sort through!?!? (I mean, all you readers are amazing, but seriously, inside, I think I die a little every time I see that)Yeah that was me yesterday. Ha ha, seriously though, I’m already dreading the hundreds and hundreds of emails that all of this new blog growth is going to be creating…… But you know what? It’s so worth it to be accomplishing these goals!

Are you looking forward to all of the changes that are going to be happening? I know that I sure am! Once again, thank you so much for reading, and I’ll be back on January 1st!




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34 thoughts on “200 Followers, New Business Ventures & A Blogging Break

  1. Awesome! I have a jewelry business as well! I can tell you one thing…. if you donate a percentage of your income yo a charity or medical fund, you might receive more costumers! Good luck….what I mean is God speed!

  2. Noooooooooo! Stay here! Yes I am excited for all the changes! Change can be amazing! I plan to buy something from your store sometime soon! Merry Christmas! Love Joy🎄

  3. Congratulation! That’s a big milestone in blogging! I totally understand taking a break is essential to “recharge” especially during the holidays. Can’t wait for what the future holds for your blog though ! 🙂

  4. Congratulations ! I like how confident you seem to be with your goals; I couldn’t dream of turning my blog into a business venture ha ha. All the best and hopefully you have all the success you desire. Good luck 🙂
    Oh and make that 211 followers 😀

    1. Ha ha yeah…. Well I’m not exactly as confident as I sound sometimes 😉 But I do find that sharing goals with others usually motivates me even more to get it done no matter how hard it is or how long it takes. And I’ve found that somehow, (at least for me) by acting like you’re confident, you actually BECOME more confident! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Hi cynthia! I am a new reader here and I enjoy your blog very much! I recently started following your blog! Congratulations on 224 followers! You deserve it! Also congrats on the new business your starting!! I wish you the best of luck on your business and blog! – Josie 🎀 Also Merry Christmas!🎄 And happy New year!!!!🎉

  6. One question…. why does it have my name as Jessica? I don’t understand…. it’s definitely Erin so why does it say Jessica? Could you figure it out for me that would be great!

    1. Well…… Sorry, but I guess it’s all figured out now, because you most definitely are NOT Erin. (Especially considering the fact that I was just chatting with the REAL Erin Paine just this afternoon 😉 ) Whoever this REALLY is, it would probably be a great advantage in your life if you were to find something constructive to do with your time, instead of impersonating someone else in a comment feed……. Hope you have a wonderful evening!

  7. Hello! Yes I was just kidding I’m not the real Erin Paine but my first and last name is Erin Elise so I thought it was a pretty good joke! Sorry for any confusion I caused! And if all possible delete this comment after you read it and all the comments where I was said I was ” Erin Elise Paine” if you can’t it’s okay but please if you can delete them do so. I really enjoy your blog! And congratulations on 200 followers! Love, Erin

    1. Alright no problem ☺ And yes, I will delete all of those comments, I just wanted to give you a chance to reply. Glad you enjoy the blog, and thank you (the REAL you) for reading ❤

  8. Your welcome! Thanks! You probably just did not get to it but if you could delete the one about the name being Jessica instead of Erin because it’s still there…. love, Erin

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