For Her Price Is Far Above Rubies

Proverbs 31:10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

This verse has always been one of my favorites in the bible; especially considering that my birthstone is a ruby, so it has always been my favorite gem. As a young girl, it amazed me that if I could live a life doing my best to become a virtuous woman, according to the bible, I would be worth more than rubies! Truly, there couldn’t be anything better than that! So, many years ago, it became a main goal in my life to first, be the kind of daughter that my parents would value and treasure more than any gem or riches that they could have; Then someday, to be a wife whose husband would say that truly, I was worth far more than rubies and riches. As Christian girls, really, shouldn’t this be one of our main goals in life? I sure think so!

So to think about it specifically, what defines a virtuous woman? What sets her apart from the rest? Here are just a few things that I think are important in the life of every Christian woman, young and old, that is striving to be a virtuous woman.

The Virtuous Woman Is Hard Working

The virtuous woman takes pride in working hard, doing things to the best of her abilities, and seeing the fruit of her labours. She’s not afraid to get down, get her hands dirty, and do whatever it takes to get the job done. She has goals and responsibilities. She doesn’t run away at the sight of work. She does her best to make sure that her family & those counting on her are going to be well taken care of. To put this into real life: She doesn’t let the dishes pile to kingdom come. She doesn’t decide not to cook for the family, just because she doesn’t feel like it. She doesn’t leave the house such a mess that it looks like a living war zone. Whatever it is that she is doing, she makes sure that it is done to the best of her abilities. If something needs done, she doesn’t wait around for someone else to do it; she rolls up her sleeves and just does it!

 The Virtuous Woman Is Humble

Really, humbleness is the key to so many other things that are important in the virtuous woman’s life. She has a humble heart, ready to serve.  She puts others need and wants above her own. She knows that the world doesn’t revolve around her, and she wouldn’t want it to! For example, without a humble heart, she wouldn’t be working hard to take care of and provide for her family, and things like that.

The Virtuous Woman Is Financially Wise

The virtuous woman is wise with money and makes good financial decisions. She doesn’t purposely dig herself and/or her family into a hole of financial debt. She doesn’t blow her husband’s hard-earned money on her “perfect closet.” Instead of throwing away hundreds of dollars on shopping trip after shopping trip, she learns how to save and budget well. She knows how to manage money well and make do with less. She knows how to save and invest and tries her best to help plan for the future, rather than just living her entire life from paycheck to paycheck, and spending every little cent that’s not going to bills.

The Virtuous Woman Is Teachable

The virtuous woman is not a know it all. She is constantly looking for new things to learn about and be taught in. She’s not above listening to instruction and advice. She learns how to take criticism well, and learns how to apply it to her life to become a better person. She is teachable, and approachable, and able to learn.

The Virtuous Woman Is Faithful

The virtuous woman doesn’t say one thing and mean another. She doesn’t go back on her promises. She is faithful to her word. She is faithful to her family. She is faithful in her relationships. She is faithful in her work. Most importantly, she is faithful to God.

The Virtuous Woman Is Trustworthy & Encouraging

For some reason, I think I’m just going to put these two together; My main point being: People can trust her. The virtuous woman is trustworthy and encouraging. Those closest to her, know that they can tell her things, without her blabbing it to the entire world. (Also, on this note, the virtuous woman is not a gossip) She is a help and encouragement and is always doing her best to be uplifting. People know that they can trust her to honestly care about them and whatever it is that they are telling her. She will do her best to encourage them to do what’s right. She wants to see people succeed, and is constantly encouraging them to live amazing Christian lives.

The Virtuous Woman Lives With A Purpose

The virtuous woman knows that she wasn’t put on this earth to drift and lolly-gag through life until the day of her death. As the quote goes, “She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans.” She doesn’t sit idle, wondering when her life will “begin.” As an example, for the single Christian girl, she doesn’t sit around constantly daydreaming and wishing for her prince charming to come.  Instead, she uses that time that she was given, wisely. Doing her best to work hard, and do what she can to make a difference in this world. To help and serve others, and most of all, live to bring honor and glory to God while she has that chance. (And I’m obviously not saying that she can’t serve God after marriage, I just mean that there are so many things that someone in their single years could do, that a girl with a family couldn’t. I’m sure you would agree that a missions trip across the world might be just a *little* hard to do when you have 3 little toddlers.) Put simply, She lives her life like she has a purpose because she knows that she really does!

The Virtuous Woman Serves

We’ve already mentioned this topic several times, but it is so, so important.The virtuous woman’s life resolves around serving. Serving God. Serving her family. Serving others. Serving in ministry. Anything. She finds joy in being helpful and serving in any way possible. Whether it’s serving her family through housework, working in a church class, volunteering, helping the elderly,etc. Whatever it is, she does it, and she does it joyfully.

The Virtuous Woman Doesn’t Brag

Prov. 31:31b “And let her own works praise her in the gates.” The virtuous woman does not brag about what she has done, and how great she is. Like the verse says, her works really will speak for themselves. For the virtuous woman, it is an honor to have others praise her. She doesn’t try to brag about herself and her accomplishments, because that’s not the kind of attention that she wants from people. She doesn’t want everyones attention. She doesn’t want everyone to know what amazing things she’s done. When she’s truly serving with a humble heart, she’s not doing whatever it is that she’s doing, to brag.

The Virtuous Woman Knows Her Worth

Last but definitely not least, the virtuous woman knows how truly valuable she is. She knows that she was bought with a price. She doesn’t throw her life away. She knows she is worth far too much to succumb to the sin and scum that this world may offer. She’s not stuck up, no, she just knows that she’s a daughter of the King, and her standards should show that. The way that she lives in every area of her life, shows that she knows her worth in Christ.

 What are some things that I didn’t mention? Do you have any thoughts on this subject? Let me know in the comments down below!

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9 thoughts on “For Her Price Is Far Above Rubies

  1. As always it was a great post! I strive to be a virtuous women because that’s who I want to be known as! I always see people who say that this is who they want to be BUT they don’t set themselves apart from the world and they are always trying to have the latest iphone, clothing, jewelry, makeup and you name it with other things. I know that is not all you said but I thought it was a good example. Love, Joy

  2. Hi, I am a new reader and follower here and you have one of the best blogs I have ever read! I have been on the search for a blog run by a good solid Christian blog and one that’s run by one of God’s servants and I’m pretty sure that I came to the right place! We go to a small independent Baptist church in Tennessee and it’s hard to find blogs that post decent posts, that share KJV verses and are based off of what the bible says. This is weird to ask but do you always where skirts and or dresses? In our family all the girls where skirts no matter if we are swimming, working on the farm, exercising and just any thing you can think of. This post is truly a great reminder of what we as young girls need to be. I needed that good reminder today because today was just one of those not so great days where I just didn’t feel like doing anything. So i read this post and it encouraged me to get the thing done that i had to do. God bless you! – Mackenzie

    1. Welcome! It’s wonderful to have you! I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying this blog. And to answer your question, yes we do always wear skirts and dresses. Blessings!

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