3 Lies Girls Believe About Modesty (Guest Post)

Hey guys! It’s Melani here from Reflections Of The Heart. I’m guest-posting today for the lovely Cynthia, and I first want to thank her for allowing me to post on her blog!

Today I’m going to talk about a MUCH discussed topic… Modesty! (This actually was my reason for starting a blog, ha!) I’m going to share 3 commonly known lies that teenage girls are especially prone to believe.

Let’s get into the post!

Lie 1. Modesty doesn’t really matter nowadays.

Have you heard this one? With Hollywood media encouraging girls from a very young age to dress provocatively, it’s no surprise that they think it’s normal!

But… God has something better.

Your body is precious and you don’t have to wear very little to be a valued and “normal” teenager! The times may change, but God doesn’t change, and if He valued modesty in Biblical times, he certainly values it now.

I hope your head didn’t spin after that sentence….

Lie 2. Modesty is dressing old-fashioned and frumpy and well, boring!

I used to think that modesty meant giving up style. This was when I was a preteen, and I soon learned that no, modesty isn’t about being boring or out of style!

Here are a few cute outfits that might convince you.

I rest my case. 😉 Finding inspiration from bloggers, Pinterest, or Instagram is a great way to get ideas for your own outfits!

Lie 3. Modesty is a burden and about oppressing women.

Girls, modesty is commanded by God to protect you! : D A girl that lets loose and acts and dresses however she wishes is opening herself up to a dangerous situation.

First, she’s going against the Lord and His design for girls.

Second, she’s turning down an opportunity to be a lady that is worthy of respect. (Loud, obnoxious, scantily dressed girls don’t usually get treated as a lady should.) Respect isn’t something that’s handed to you, but something you earn.

Third, you’re not showing the world your true worth. There are a lot of jerks out there, and it honestly makes it easier for them to be jerks when you choose to dress immodestly.

(This is Cynthia, I just wanted to add a quick note to Melani’s 3 points, just because they are so, so true. I have heard countless girls complaining about the way guys treat them. They complain that they are getting treated like they are cheap, they aren’t being treated like a lady, and on and on the list could go. I’m not trying to say that any guy has a good excuse to act like a jerk, but you really have to ask yourself, are you possibly giving them a reason to act that way towards you? Are you really living the life of a true lady that shows others that you should be treated like one? You are a daughter of the King. Act like it! And dress like it!)

Modesty isn’t about a set of rules, dressing old-fashionedly, only wearing a skirt everyday, or being oppressed.

Modesty is an act of service to God, others, and yourself.

Thanks for letting me guest post, Cynthia! Have a great day everyone!

A huge thank you to Melani for writing such a wonderful post! I hope you all enjoyed it! What are your thoughts on modesty? Are there any more lies Christian girls believe that you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments down below!


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24 thoughts on “3 Lies Girls Believe About Modesty (Guest Post)

  1. I thought this was very inspiring! I am a Christian, and my Mom wants my to dress more modestly. I thought that I had to give up every piece of not modest clothing. I learned that I could use them in different ways to make them look more modest. So, I saw that being modest isn’t a bad thing, and I could be a good role model to the people who are around me to dress more modestly. I hope this all makes sense!

    1. I’m so glad this post could be an encouragement to you! Yes, dressing modestly is so important, but you cand definitely still dress cute and stylish ☺ Layering different things (like you said) is also a great idea.

  2. This is absolutely beautiful and so, so true! I’ve always dressed modestly simply because I want to-because if I dressed immodestly, I don’t know how much respect I would be able to have for myself. I loved reading this post and also realizing that it’s a way to honor the Lord as well. 🙂

  3. That was so good! Thank you Melani for the post! And it’s pretty similar to the post I wrote a couple months back.
    I cannot agree more with your note Cynthia! Girls need to act the way they want to be treated. If you want to be respected, be respectful. Don’t be a flirt, don’t be inappropriate, and respect your Brothers in Christ!
    That is the most major point that drives me, helping our brothers stay pure and glorifying God together. We will get our reward in heaven!
    If you are interested in reading my post on modesty, you can check it out at http://geoturtle.com/lets-talk-modesty/.

  4. I have to confess, I didn’t find this blog post very convincing, as it doesn’t address any of the real issues some Christians have with ultra-modesty, and the points simply seemed weak, without going into detail, and without much support from the Bible.
    And please don’t blow modesty up into a huge life-or-death issue. It has a lot to do with conscience and I sense some condemnation in a lot of those modesty posts written by teenagers, who haven’t usually considered or found out anything a lot of different arguments and issues nor,
    I guess I’m mostly afraid that badly written posts by people who can’t really write will put people off a good, and relevant, despite not being very important, subject. If you want to read some really good articles about this by people who know what they are talking about, check out the Girl Defined Blog.
    I hope you didn’t think I’m trying to be rude – I come from a very conservative family and I have been seriously rethinking a lot of the stuff I was taught. I appreciate you willingness in blessing other Christian girls.
    God bless you all in living for Him:)

    1. Hello! First, thanks for sharing your thoughts ☺ and now I guess its my turn…… Well, I have to confess, no matter how many times I have read and re-read your comment, it still confuses me….. You started off by saying that this post wasn’t “convincing enough” as in you would have liked more bible verses showing the importance of modesty? Then, you say that modesty isn’t an important subject and we shouldn’t be making it a big deal. Umm…. ??? Maybe I’m confused, but to me that seems like you are quite obviously contradicting yourself. If you believe that modesty isn’t very important (like you said) then why are you saying that this wasn’t “convincing enough” like Melani didn’t do a good job showing the issues about modesty and it’s importance? I’m sorry, that just really confuses me. Oh, and as for not addressing the “real issues,” that really was not the purpose of this post. This post was entitled “3 Lies Girls Believe About Modesty” and that’s exactly what it was! This post was simply written to be an encouragement and challenge for christian girls, and Melani did a wonderful job of that! On a side note, since you mentioned it, NOTHING in this sweetly written post was “condemning.” Nothing. Not at all. Also, I’m not really sure why you are assuming that Melani and I haven’t considered other peoples beliefs and opinions? Of course I have! But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have the right to write (or have guest posts) about what I believe in. My goal in blogging is NOT to write things that are relevant to every. single. person. in this world and won’t offend anyone. It’s just not possible! Being that this is MY blog, I write about the things that I believe in. And even though there will be the 3% that disagrees with me and my beliefs, that really changes nothing. I know what I believe in, and I’m not interested in accepting every other belief or idea that’s out there. So does that 3% make any difference? Nope, not at all, because I don’t write for them. (And I think I can also speak for Melani too when I say this) I write to challenge and encourage that 97%. I write for them, and most importantly, for my God! I would never say, “you have to dress just like me, this is a life-or-death issue.” I am very open minded and always willing to talk about this subject. BUT at the end of the day, it’s my job (and Melani’s) as Christian bloggers, to write about things that we believe in, things that are important to us, and things we think will challenge and encourage our readers. THAT was the goal of this post. And one last thing, I mean this as sweetly as possible, but that was flat out rude of you to refer to this as a “badly written post by someone who can’t really write and doesn’t know what they are talking about.” That really was not necessary. ☺ I hope you have a wonderful evening! Prayers and blessings ❤ ~Cynthia

  5. Thanks for sticking up for me, Cynthia! Mean comments are hard, but they’re bound to happen when you speak out about controversial topics. I know I’m not a bad writer OR a bad blogger, so I’m not going to let this random person tear me down. I think people tend to get defensive and unkind when they read posts or articles that might nudge at their conscience. That’s why I was accused of being condemning!
    Thank you for your friendship in the blogging world!

    1. Yes of course! ~And I tried my best to make sure that all sounded sweet and loving, so I really hope that all came across right, especially since it kind of looks like I wrote a book…… Ha ha~ And you are so right! It is usually a conscience problem that makes people get defensive. Have a great day! And again, thanks for the wonderful post. ☺❤

  6. YES!!! We talk about modesty on our retreats. And it’s so important to value what is valuable. We must dress in a way that shows others what we are worth. You don’t set your coffee mug on a beautiful painting, you frame it. We clothe ourselves with decency, we are actually clothing ourselves with dignity!

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