A Letter To The Quiet Girl (Guest Post)

Hello readers! Today I will be sharing this lovely post written by Abby Rose from the blog Truly Beautiful. I would highly recommend heading over to her blog and giving her a follow if you haven’t already! She always writes such beautifully worded, encouraging, challenging, and uplifting posts! So now that you have (hopefully) followed her blog…… Let’s get to the post!

Yes, I was once that girl. The quiet one who sat in the back. People didn’t know my name half of the time and if someone attempted to talk to me, I was reserved, so they usually just ended up leaving because how do you respond to someone who won’t talk back?

I hated being that quiet girl with no friends. Looking back, I know my insecurity only stemmed from fear. I just *knew* people would think I was weird if I talked, so I just didn’t… in fear of what people would think. I felt that I was unworthy to share my thoughts. No one wanted to hear what I had to say.

But, just because I was the quiet girl with no friends didn’t mean I didn’t try to make friends. A change took place in little 12 year old Abby Rose. I recall many times sitting with the girl on the back row, because I KNEW what it was like to feel like no one noticed me. I was quiet, yes, but what I also was, was a girl who understood things most people didn’t take time to see. I saw through the lens of what it was like to be forgotten and set aside. I saw people that were hurting, because I knew what it was like to hurt.

So, in spite of my fear of what people would say, I reached out. And that made all of the difference in who I am today. That is why I am here today, speaking truth to you: the quiet girl. Because the same God who hears my silent hurt, took all of the broken pieces and stitched them together. He used my story for His glory.

Today, some people still call me the quiet girl. Some call me the loud girl. Some people call me reserved. Some people see me as the girl who acts on stage, with a bold presence. Some see me sitting alone in youth service. Sometimes I talk and laugh so loud, people don’t doubt I’m an extrovert. Sometimes I barely open my mouth and can sit in complete silence. But no matter what people call me or think of me,

I am who God says I am.




Set apart.


Secure in Him.

Never alone.


And heard.

And because He says who I am,

I don’t have to fear what people think.

I know I am important.

I have the power to use my voice for GOOD.

But no matter how quiet I may be, I am loved.

And nothing can change that.

To the quiet girl,

You don’t have to speak for God to know how you feel. He hears your heart.

To the quiet girl,

God loves you. You don’t have to fear what He thinks of you, because His thoughts toward you are GOOD. He sees you through the eyes of beauty and nothing can change that.

To the quiet girl,

Your worth is not based on how people treat you or respond to you.

To the quiet girl,

God is your friend and He accepts you just as you are, but also loves you so much He can reach into the deepest, darkest parts of your heart and create beauty. He can plant Himself there.

To the quiet girl,

You and your life IS important. You do not go unseen, you do not go unheard. Just because you sit in the back, doesn’t mean God has pushed you to the back. In His plans, you prosper.

To the quiet girl,

You are not alone.

Continue on, sweet friend.

Make your words count.

Your life is important.

Your voice makes a different.

Keep being who God made you to be.

Oh, how He loves you.

Romans 8:38-39 } For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Click here to view & read this post originally published on Truly Beautiful.

Now I want to hear from YOU! Have you struggled with shyness, quietness, and/or insecurities in your life? Was this post able to be an encouragement to you? I sure hope so! Let me know in the comments down below!

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16 thoughts on “A Letter To The Quiet Girl (Guest Post)

  1. This post was was very encouraging to me personally! I used to be extremely shy and I still am sort of shy but not as bad. Have a great day! Love Julia

  2. I really enjoyed reading this! If you couldn’t tell (because I don’t comment very much) I am very shy and quiet. Reading this really helped me with my shyness and was an encouragement! Hope you have a great day! Love, Jessica

  3. I thought this post was a very well written post! I personally am not shy or quiet😊 this was a great encouragement to me! Have a blessed day! Love, Joy

  4. Ok. So I might have a little tear in my right eye. Now I am 36 years old with 5 children, and a pastor’s wife… but I was the little girl who would rather stand right behind my mom at every church service or event! I was a young teenaged girl when a single missionary to Bolivia (Miss Carolyn) came to visit town. The girls had a get together and while they were all on the floor chatting, I was turned towards the ladies because I wanted to hear every word she said. Thankfully that night she opened up about her shyness and how God spoke to her. God had spoke to her heart about being too proud to let others in because she was afraid of what they might think of her. Her shyness was a way to keep her protected, but at the same time was not allowing her to minister to others. This helped me so much. I still get nervous (way nervous) and have to push myself to say “hello” or reach out to someone, but I try to look at the other side. What if my “shyness” makes others feel lonely or unwanted? That is something I am not willing to be a part of. Sometimes, many times, I still fail. But by God’s grace I try to step out and be friendly even though my heart is pounding with fear of the unknown!

    1. Wow, thanks for sharing, I didn’t know that was Ms. Carolyn! That is so, so true though. And yes, the thought of putting others before myself is pretty much the only thing that keep me going when it comes to stepping out and being friendly to people when I would much rather sit quietly in a back corner! ☺

  5. Hey! I am not very shy at all but this post was still an encouragement! Have a great rest of your week! ~Mackenzie🌼

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