February Life & Blogging Review

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Hello readers! Well…… Another month has passed already. The passing of time is really strange to think about sometimes. It’s like the days just drag slowly by, but then when you look back, all of a sudden a week has passed, a month has passed, and pretty soon a year has passed! Honestly, February is mostly just a huge blur to me. Working, blogging, cleaning, studying, church. Working, blogging, cleaning, studying, church. Working, blogging, cleaning, studying, church. Okay, so I think you get the idea. Well, Regardless of everything blurring together, February has been a great month! So now, let’s get on to a few of the highlights!


The farthest I traveled this month was a few hours away to a winter retreat. That was a super fun weekend with some great friends, and we made some wonderful memories!


I Am So Blessed by The Clark Family Hope by The Hooker Family The Very Best of the 40s by Various Artists The Very Best Of Yiruma: Yiruma & Piano by Yiruma

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You ready for this? Nothing. And yes, I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that….. I had started several different books, but for one reason or another just wasn’t able to finish any of them. What are some of your favorite book recommendations? Please let me know in the comments down below! (I’m mainly looking for non-fiction)


With as busy as life has been lately, there hasn’t been much extra time for random cooking, baking, and culinary explorations. And no, I’m not happy about that at all. BUT, there was one day this month when I was home the entire day, so I jumped on the chance to have some fun in the kitchen. That day, I had a blast making two large loaves of six strand braided challah bread. Seriously, if you’ve never had challah, either figure out how to make it, or get someone to make it for you! It is so deliciously amazing. Also, since we’re on the subject of food….. healthy protein energy balls are another delicious favorite around here. It’s great to have something all natural and healthy always on hand. Need a quick breakfast? A snack? Some healthy protein to chase away cravings for junk food? Protein balls are always the perfect answer! If you would like me to share my recipe, just let me know in the comments down below!


My highlight of the month would have to be Lavender Goats Milk Soap. I think it’s wonderful to make as many things as possible yourself, and soap is definitely one of them. BUT, I also think that if you are going to be making things yourself, it totally defeats the purpose if you are using supplies and products that are full of toxins and chemicals. So yes, I try to go the extra mile to be sure that the products I use are as pure and all natural as possible. Because otherwise, well, you might as well just buy it from the store! So for this particular soap, I use organic goat’s milk soap for the main soap base. I use Lavender Young Living essential oils for the scent, and then to add a bit of texture, I put in organic lavender buds. I’m actually borderline obsessed with this lavender hard soap…..


Well this is going to be extremely random, but it’s the first thing that comes to mind since this happened so recently. So….. Due to an almost 20 minute debate with my best friend, I have now learned that a horse sized duck would NOT be able to fly. I was convinced that it would still be able to function exactly like normal since proportionately it would be the same, but that wasn’t the case. After searching Google and reading through pages of scientific answers…… Yes, he was right. *sigh* BUT, I was still *somewhat* right because he said they wouldn’t be able to swim and according to science, they actually CAN. So HA, I was right! Okay so I have no idea why I just wrote an entire paragraph about that….. But you’re welcome. Now you know. If there was a duck the size of a horse, it would be able to swim, but it wouldn’t be able to fly or barely even walk. Now you can share this amazing knowledge with your friends. 😉


Ready for a list of a few of my favorite things this month? Well, of course there was the obvious, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…… But a few of my OTHER favorite things this month were:

  • The absolutely gorgeous roses that I got for Valentine’s day.
  • Healthy snacks that kept me energized and active even on the busiest days.
  • My new Canon DSLR. (Seriously, it takes AMAZING pictures.)
  • Young Living’s Sating Mint Facial Scrub.
  • Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. Yes, I may have had way too much coffee this month.
  • Lavender Goat’s Milk Bar Soap (Obviously)
  • My Quotes Journal (Where I hand letter good quotes that I see and love)

Blogging Review:

February has been a GREAT month for blogging! Posts were published at a minimum of twice a week, stats are booming, and the encouraging, supportive readers have been amazing!


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And this post makes number 9!


My most popular post this month was 3 Tried & True Ways To Prevent Blogging Burnout with 110 shares.

My second most popular post this month was 3 Ways To Keep Simplicity In The Midst Of A Crazy Life with 98 shares.

Last but not least, my third most popular post was 3 Ways To Stop Wasting Your Time & Get More Done with 60 shares.

Yes, I think it’s pretty safe to say that people like reading numbered posts!

Well, as this post is coming to a close, I would have to say that all of the most amazing things this month actually weren’t things! It was the MOMENTS. The moments that can’t quite be described or put into words. It’s how you feel in those moments when you are sitting with a friend and having the time of your life, the super silly and super serious conversations with family & friends, the kitchen raids with a sibling for the middle of the night snacks, the hugs, the love, the joy, the smiles, the laughter, and so many other things! It’s how you feel when you see the beauty of a sky full of stars, breathe in the fresh air after days of rain, and watch in awe as the sun rises and sets. It’s the times when you realize that you have been so blessed beyond measure! Even though life can be crazy, busy, and frustrating sometimes, there is so much beauty! Look for the sweet little things, look for the simple moments, look for the tiny miracles of everyday life. All of those “little things” in your life? They aren’t little at all! Those are the things that truly matter!

So now I want to hear from YOU! How was your month? Did you have any big accomplishments? Do you have any book recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments down below!

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11 thoughts on “February Life & Blogging Review

  1. Oh wow you have been quite busy! My month was great! Yes, my big accomplishment this month was getting a job as a baby (and occasionally an older child) nanny since I love babies and little kids!!! I thought I’d give nannying a try when I heard about you being a nanny because I actually was looking for a job I could easily do but couldn’t think of one so I love kids so thought being a nanny was perfect! And then when I graduate at the end of March I’m going to be a kindergarten teacher! My book recommendation would be Sarah Maxwell’s books if you haven’t read those they are so good! And I love to see a recipe for your protein balls and maybe even the soap recipe if you get the time. Have a great day!

  2. My month was…. INSANE!!! But, there are always those precious moments you never want to forget. For reading I recommend Kisses From Katie By Katie Davis. It is an amazing story about a girl who went all out for God!!!!! Food wise, if I randomly show up at your house, its for the challah. LOL Keep up the good work.

    Those energy balls sound amazing. Totally need the recipe.

    1. I think I may have read that…. But I’m not exactly sure. And yes, you are welcome to show up for challah!! Thanks for reading ❤ (I’ll be sharing the protein ball recipe sometime in the next week)

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