5 Simple Money Saving Tips For Busy People

Hello readers! Well, it’s Friday, which means……. yes, you guessed it! There’s a Financial Friday post coming your way! As I’m sure you know, We live in a world where spending money can be so, so, SO easy. And you know what? Sometimes it’s quite convenient! But so often, that “convenience” can quickly turn into spending money on things that we really don’t need! I’m not sure about you, but I know that for me, when life gets busy, for some reason it suddenly seems a LOT easier to spend, spend, spend. Whether it’s swinging through a drive through, deciding to buy coffee instead of make it at home because you’re in too big of a rush, or the just because shopping, there are so many ways to throw away your money. And that’s definitely not something that I want to be doing! So today, I’m going to be sharing with you 5 tips for saving money; Yes, even when you are busy and on-the-go!


Pack A Lunch


Are you someone who eats out frequently? When you are at work, do you normally buy a lunch? Well, that is an expense that can add up EXTREMELY fast. But guess what? You really don’t have to view packing a lunch as a bad thing! Believe it or not, packing a lunch doesn’t have to mean that you are stuck with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every. single. day. No, actually it means that you have the opportunity to have delicious, nutritious meals, for a fraction of the cost! Have some fun brainstorming many different lunch ideas so you can keep it interesting. (Pinterest is amazing for this.) Gourmet salads, nachos, burrito bowls, wraps, sandwiches, fresh fruits and vegetables, really, the options are endless! Also, when you are making your own meals, you have so much more control over the health content of what you are eating. (And the healthy food you make yourself will most likely be a LOT cheaper then anything you could get at a restaurant.)


Keep Snacks On Hand


If you are a major foodie, (like me) spending money on snacks can be EXTREMELY easy to do. And I understand! It might not seem like a big deal to be spending $2 here and $3 there, but over time, this can quickly add up! Also, for me, grabbing a quick snack from some random place usually also means throwing my healthy eating habits out the window. So if you combine the unnecessary spending, plus unhealthy eating…… That’s not so great, is it?

Try to buy your snacks in bulk (I may or may not have a dresser drawer filled with healthy snacks…..) and keep a few snacks in a readily accessible place for whenever you need them. As one last addition to this, learn to make your own! One of my favorites is homemade protein balls. I like to keep a batch of them on hand as they are the perfect thing to grab as you are running out the door, for a snack, quick breakfast, and everything else in between! (Stay tuned for a recipe coming in the next week.) 


Bring A Water Bottle


Do you know how much it frustrates me when I’m out and about, at work, or running errands, and suddenly I’m dying of thirst? Seriously? The thought of paying almost 2 dollars for a bottle of water does NOT sound appealing. And if you’re going to be spending that much anyways, why not just spend a little more for a coffee or something? Ugh. No. When I looked at my budget one week and realized that I had spent over $12 on drinks alone……. Wow. At that moment I decided to do my best to ALWAYS have a water bottle with me. No, 12 dollars may not seem like much, but after awhile, just like everything else, it can really, really add up.


Don’t Go Shopping “Just Because”


If you need to go to the store for something specific, well then go for it! But if you are needlessly wandering through stores for no reason…… Well that might be a habit it’s time to break 😉 If you go shopping “just because,” well then there’s a pretty large chance that you’re going to end up spending money you don’t need to spend, on things that you don’t need to own, “just because.” Now, if you are someone who can stick precisely to a budget, and isn’t tempted to spend money on unnecessary things, then knock yourself out with the window shopping! But in general, window shopping isn’t usually such a great idea 😉


Make A LIST when You Go Grocery Shopping


This is quite similar to my last point about shopping. When you go to the store, there are so many wonderful things that can quite easily catch your attention. And shopping at the grocery store is no exception to that! Before you go in, have a basic meal plan for your week, have a grocery list, and have a purpose. Know what you need, and get exactly that! Also, do not, do not, do NOT go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Seriously, just don’t do it. You may very well end up owning the entire store…… And maybe even having a huge credit card payment to pay off. 😉


In conclusion……. Yes, of course it is fine to spend money sometimes. But spending should NOT be a way of life! Yes, spending $5 on a coffee is fine, but that should be a special exception, NOT an everyday occurrence! Yes, buying a new dress is fine, but it should NOT be a weekly thing! When you start budgeting things out and adding up all of the dollars and cents, you will probably find that there is SO much unnecessary spending going on.

Stop spending, start saving. Really, it’s as simple and as difficult as that! Stop just thinking about your finances for today, and start thinking about what they are going to be tomorrow, next month, next year, and 50 years from now! Do your current spending and saving habits portray a successful life? Or are you headed down the slippery slope of life-long debt?


Now I want to hear from YOU! What are some things that you would add to this list? Do you struggle with finances? Saving and spending?  What is something that is extremely easy for you to spend money on? Let me know in the comments down below!


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6 thoughts on “5 Simple Money Saving Tips For Busy People

  1. YES! I have been hoping for another financial Friday post! These financial post are SO helpful especially now that I have a job! Have a great day!

  2. I wouldn’t say I’m a spender… definitely more of a saver. The only downside to that is not enjoying things because I don’t want to spend. So, I learned to budget and now I’m all kinds of happy. I can save and spend freely. I totally agree, never grocery shop on am empty stomach… or a really full one for that matter!

    1. Well that’s great! And yes, I would have to agree, when you are a saver, it can be hard to spend money in ANY way shape or form sometimes. Budgetting is extremely helpful!

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