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50 Modest Outfit Ideas (And A Whole Bunch Of Rambling)

WARNING: This post has been written by an exhausted brain and published against my better judgement with almost zero editing. Read at your own risk. 😉


Hello ladies! Well, as you could probably guess from the title, I’m here today with a modesty post! When asking readers for blog post ideas, modest outfit ideas and modesty inspiration has definitely been the most requested thing. So here you go! I have seen so many blog posts with “outfit ideas” but after a quick scroll through….. Well, none of those ideas are very helpful at all when you don’t have ANY of those clothes in your closet. Know what I mean? Because of that, I thought it would be best to share a lot of different outfit ideas that could be easily mix and matched. So, I compiled pictures of 50 (FIFTY!) different outfits, in hopes that you’d be able to recreate at least ONE of them, with clothes that are already in your closet.



When people ask me what my style is, I always have to laugh and just say, “Well….. I don’t really know. It’s somewhere between super stylish and super hobo. Except there’s really no in-between, It’s either one or the other.” Seriously though, I’m not kidding. I can manage to look nice like twice a week at church, or if we have guests over or something. Other then that, HA, no one needs to know about my hobo state of dress….. So basically, I guess I’m just writing this post for myself?


Sometimes I think It would be nice to dress super cute every day…. But that’s normally a very short lived thought and then I just think, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” (If you didn’t catch that reference, go search it on YouTube. You’re welcome.)  Seriously though, hats off to the girls who look amazing everyday. I honestly have no idea how you do it. Isn’t that exhausting? Can you still get stuff done? If so, I think you deserve an award or something.


For the people who have only ever seen me at church or something and were just assuming that I always dress nice, here’s a real life example for you. And this may or may not have happened like….. Last week….


Me: Oh mom, I love that shirt on you, you look really nice. Those colors are so bright, springy, and cheerful!


Mom: Oh, thanks for noticing! And you…… (At this point she looks over at me in my semi-hobo state…… Me with my navy blue t-shirt 2 sizes too big, black stretchy maxi, barefoot, no makeup, and the messiest messy bun you’ve ever seen in your life…..) You umm…… yeah I’m sorry, you’re literally wearing all the same color? Umm….


Me: Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. I look like a hobo. Thank you.


Mom: Haha, uh-huh you do.


Me: *goes right back to whatever I was doing, because who cares that my hair is a wreck and I’m dressed like one big terrifying thing of darkness*


Someone please tell me I’m not the only like this?! Raise your hand in the comments down below if you sometimes look like a hobo. Hey you, you’re awesome! Do you want to start a hobo style club with me??

Oh my. I’m sorry, this has got to be the most distracted, jumbled post yet. But I’ve been crazy busy, you know? And sadly, even living my life in messy buns, STILL doesn’t give me the extra time or ability to write a decent post. I know that this post has been crazy jumbled, so if you’ve managed to make it this far into the post, wow, you are amazing. #sorrynotsorry #sendmecoffeeandthenextpostmightbebetter


Learn To Mix & Match Your Clothing


When I am buying clothes, I try to steer clear of crazy prints and abstract type stuff. Instead, I look for things that will go with the clothes that I already have. Prints are NOT my friend. Not even stripes. Not even polka dots. Nope. I’m a solid colors kind of girl. (If I AM wearing a print, there’s a 99.9% chance that it’s plaid. Because plaid and flannel shirts? YES!) But back to what I was trying to say…… Instead of buying complete outfits, try buying items that can easily be mixed and matched to create many different looks!


Instead of the flower printed dress, you can buy the solid colored dress and wear it many different ways! So let’s say you have a solid colored dress…… What can you do?


  1. Add a jean vest/jacket and a long necklace
  2. Add a jean vest/jacket and a blanket scarf
  3. Add a cardigan and a scarf
  4. Add a black/dark blue/green cardigan and a scarf
  5. Add a thick black belt and some jewelry
  6. Put a button-up over it, tie to close, and cuff up your sleeves
  7. Wear it plain!


And there you have it! That fast, you have 7 different ways to wear a single dress! (Sneak peek: If you were wondering, Yes, I am hinting at posts coming soon on clothes organization and creating a minimalist, capsule type closet.)


So would you like to see some pictures and gain some ideas and inspiration? Okay, great! I’ve put together a slideshow down below with pictures of 50 different outfits (all taken from Pinterest) Enjoy!!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So now I want to hear from YOU! What’s your style? Fancy & frilly? Jeans & t-shirts? Super stylish? Super hobo? Somewhere in-between? Is your style as non-existent as mine is sometimes? Please girls, tell me I’m not the only one 😉 Let me know in the comments down below!


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