5 Things No One Ever Told You About Blogging

Bloggers, do you ever feel like there are so many twists, turns, and surprises that no one ever warned you about? Well, I’ve got some good news for you. You’re not the only one! And you’re right, there are many not-so-great parts of blogging that no one ever warned you about. So are you ready to hear this blogger’s take on it? Great, cause here I go.

Before we go any further, I just want to make it clear, I absolutely LOVE blogging. Seriously, it’s actually starting to become my dream job. The farther I get down this business blogging road, the more I love it. It still amazes me that it’s even possible to make a successful life by writing, but thankfully, it really is! No, blogging isn’t for everyone, but if anyone is reading this and thinking about starting a blog, I would really encourage you to just go for it! If it turns out not working for you, well it’s not the end of the world. But who knows, it might end up being one of the best decisions you ever make!

So do I think blogging is amazing? Oh yes. Totally. But do I also sometimes think blogging is just about the most frustrating, annoying thing on the face of the planet? Oh yes. Totally. If you’re a blogger, I guarantee that you will be able to relate 😉 Let’s keep reading!

One little bump is never JUST one little bump.

Okay, so let’s say that you wanted to go snowboarding. Or skiing. Yeah, skiing sounds better. Okay, so you’re going skiing, and at first, yeah everything’s going great! So as you’re smoothly coasting down this mountain, all of a sudden your foot slams into a rock, and you fall flat on your face….. Okay, okay, it was just a slight bump, everything will be fine. Right? Well, maybe not…… As you’re struggling to regain your balance, you take a quick look behind you to see a large white cloud making it’s way down the mountain towards you…… is it a snowball? Just fog? Oh….. Nope, nope, nope, it’s an avalanche. And there’s no stopping it. If you thought you were going to be able to quickly recover from tripping over the rock and just continue on your merry way, you were terribly wrong. Now, you might actually might die.

You think your featured image isn’t centered correctly? Well, start trying to fix that, and all of a sudden you have HTML code all over the place, you get a notification that your entire site will crash if you publish the wrong code, you’re locked out of ALL of your social media accounts, you try to call customer service and get put on hold for 3 hours, your Ad service gets shut down because you accidentally clicked on your own ad, you get an email from an affiliate saying that if you don’t get 3 sales in the next 24 hours your account will be shut down, your cat dies, you gain 10 pounds, and some genius in the Walmart parking lot slams into your car.

Ok, so I might be exaggerating there just a little bit….. But that’s how it feels sometimes! Seriously. You have one slight bump, one little thing messed up, that you THINK will be an easy fix…… And then all of a sudden a million and one more problems slap you in the face and go “SURPRISE! Haha, you thought you were gonna sleep tonight, huh? NOOOOO!! Have fun figuring out how to fix all this!”

Which brings us to our next point……

Do you like sleep? Just Forget it.

Say goodbye to early bedtime. Say goodbye to sleeping in. Actually, just say goodbye to sleeping in general. Coffee is now your best friend. Enough said.

I absolutely guarantee you, there will be countless times when you are easily up until 1 or 2 in the morning. OR, if you decide to just go to bed instead of staying up late, you’ll most likely be waking up at 4 or 5 in the morning to get things finished before work. Seriously. It’s either one or the other. I personally prefer just staying up and getting things finished, because it’s just a whole lot simpler not having to stress about it in the morning…… But either way, you won’t get much sleep. Like one of my favorite life quotes says: You won’t be a night owl, and you won’t be a morning bird either…… You’ll just be some kind of permanently exhausted pigeon. Get used to it.

So yes, start a business blog and there will definitely be times when you find yourself mumbling, “Sleep is for the weak….. I can sleep when I’m dead…..” in your exhausted, half delirious state of mind. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Oh yeah, totally! And if you’re anything like me, that means you’re going to quickly learn how to go from sound asleep in bed, to ready and out the door in 10 minutes flat, just so you can fit in that extra half hour of sleep. #messybunsforlife

You will be more confused than you ever thought was possible.

Okay, so I would actually be the first to admit…… I can get extremely confused. Extremely. Even in the simplest, most common, everyday occurrence things. (No, we don’t need to talk about that time when I made a microwave go up in flames because of the large metal bowl I put in it. And no, that was not last year.) But anyways, you get the idea, I get confused *quite* easily. Take the most confusing, mind blowing thing that’s ever happened in your life, and then multiply that by a million. Yeah.

You want to be confused? Go try decoding a page of HTML text. Go try to create a privacy policy & disclosure. Go read through the pages and pages of legal things that you have to follow unless you want shut down without warning. Trust me, there will come a time when you realize that you have been staring blankly at a wall for the past 20 minutes, just thinking, ” I don’t even understand what I’m confused about. I’m literally confused about confusion.” Oh yes, that’s a lovely feeling.

It’s Not As Simple As Some People Say.

Do you think that over exhausting your brain with a million different things at once sounds fun? Okay, that’s great. Blogging is definitely for you! Do you think blogging will be an easy-out, or an overnight way to make a fortune? Well, blogging probably isn’t for you. It honestly makes me laugh when I see the posts titled “How To Make Thousands In Your First Month Blogging” or “Blogging: The Simplest Way To Success”

My brain when I see that: ????????? Why in the world are you flat out lying to people ?????????

Let me just stop right here to burst your bubble. Running a business blog is not simple. Sorry, but it’s just not. Yes it can be really rewarding and enjoyable, but always simple and easy?! No, absolutely not. On the other hand, can you do it while sitting on your couch, wrapped in a blanket, drinking coffee? Yes. But if you are looking for something that requires no hard work or effort, you’re going to be sorely disappointed at how much it really takes to run a successful blog.

When you start out, your stats won’t just be low, they’ll probably be non-existent.

Let’s face it, unless you’re already a mini celebrity, when you start your blog, you are going to be starting from the ground up. And it is f.r.u.s.t.r.a.t.i.n.g. Trust me, I know how that feels! Been there, done that, and it’s NOT fun. Especially when you are starting out, you could easily be spending 40 hours a week working on your blog, and see absolutely zero feedback. None. At. All. You might even have amazing content, but it doesn’t seem to matter at all because you have no clue how to get the world to see it!

Well, since we’re on this subject of stats and readers, I just have to say…… do not, do not, DO NOT, let low numbers discourage you! There really is a light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, it may take some time, but consistently posting high quality content actually has somewhat of a snowball affect. The more readers you have, the more shares you have, and the more shares you have, the more new readers you have, and it just keep going from there! Pretty soon you may have a few posts go mini-viral (or maybe even viral) and your blog is set!

So now I want to hear from you! Were you able to relate to this post? Hopefully it provided some laughs 😉 What are some surprises that you have encountered as a blogger that no one ever warned you about? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments down below!

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36 thoughts on “5 Things No One Ever Told You About Blogging

  1. Weirdly enough, this was actually really, really encouraging! Thank you for sharing! I’m so glad I’m not the only one – that confused feeling is horrible and everyone in the blogosphere always seems to be a total genius at designing and coding, etc.

    1. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry girl, how in the world did I miss this comment!?! Talk about being a bad, confused blogger! haha. And yes, I can’t even count how many times I find myself just blankly staring at the wall thinking “what in the WORLD.” You’ll get it figured out eventually!

  2. Hilarious! I can relate to these from when I first had my first blog! I plan to start blogging again sometime next year! Oh yes sleep, I remember those days! Staying up late thinking, oh no I’m supposed to publish a post tomorrow and I don’t even know what to write about, so you just end up writing one of those post that you just write a bunch of randomness. Yeah I totally remember those days😜 also not so friendly comments, when I got my first not so friendly comment (which I totally didn’t expect) I was like what did I say wrong? What did I say to make this person mad? But you know what? It’s fine! They are probably just having a bad day! So I would just ignore it or reply to their comment and say something like Have a great day! So yes this post was totally relatable! Have a good night!

  3. Love this! It’s SO TRUE. Every single point. At the same time, it’s also very encouraging to know I’m not alone! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I just discovered your blog and I love your writing style! It’s so humorous and interesting to read! I relate to this post a lot and it’s nice to know I’m not alone!

  5. All of this!!! Also, no one tells you that the writing is going to be the easy part, but if you don’t work on promoting, NO ONE will see it. Or they will see it and not comment. Or they will rave about your blog to you in person but never share or comment on your post. So frustrating. But it is soooo fun and rewarding to have people following along and talk to you about it or send messages because your post helped them out! So there are definitely fun and rewarding parts too!!

    1. Yes, promoting plays such a huge part in a successful blog! Haha, sadly, I can totally relate to what you’re saying about people telling you how amazing your blog is….. And then they never share, comment, or even subscribe/follow. But even through that, blogging is still so rewarding and enjoyable! It’s great to see that your work is having a positive impact on so many people and even changing lives!

  6. I’ve actually been thinking of starting a blog for a while now (like, over a year). Any tips on how to even get started? What websites should I check out for legalization, do’s and don’t’s, etc. Thanks!

    1. Oh yes, there are so, so many things that I’d love to share with you! (Definitely way too much to share in a single comment.) I’m actually going to be having a few ‘how to start a blog’ posts coming out in the next few weeks so if you are subscribed, you will recieve an email as soon as they are published. ☺ Also, if you would like to talk to me directly so I can share some more details and helps about starting out, you can send me an email at asweetnsimplelife@gmail.com I’d love to hear from you!!

  7. You’re post is hilarious and so true Cynthia! You’re so right about the sleeping. I’m not at all a night owl… I think my starts to physically and mentally shut down after 10pm. But I’m up bright and early at 4:00 am EVERY morning! #RiseandGrind!

  8. Yes to all of this! I didn’t realize how time consuming it is. But it is still very fun and a learning process so I don’t foresee me stopping anytime soon. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I’m a new blogger and I can so relate to this, it can be so overwhelming at times. Then when you think you have a handle on it, new things pop up. Thank you for this post, it’s refreshing to hear people talking about the not so glamorous side of blogging. I have a post on my experience of being a new blogger. No as nice as your, mine more of a rant.

    1. Yes, I promise it will get easier and less confusing! And when you start getting all of the little technical difficulties figured out, it will be so, SO rewarding! ☺

    1. Aww, well I’m so glad that you decided to click! And yes, blogging can be very lonely if you aren’t a part of supportive communities and groups of other bloggers who understand what it’s like.

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