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How to generate thousands of daily views from Pinterest? Did you really read that right? Yes, you did! And yes, I’m actually surprising myself with this post too, because 3 months ago, I never even imagined it would be possible, this fast. Bloggers, have you heard of the wonderful thing called Pinterest? I’m really hoping that your answer is yes. If not, before we go any further, please go sign up this very second! (Or maybe after you finish reading this post) Pinterest. It is such an amazing outreach tool for bloggers. But don’t just take my word for it! You can read success story after success story from COUNTLESS bloggers, all telling the same story of how one little thing called Pinterest, totally changed their blogging life.

So what’s my story? Well we should probably start at the beginning…… This Pinterest journey began when I did this crazy, psycho thing called “starting a business blog” (AKA, jumping off a cliff and hoping you can fly, not just splat.) At that point, I quickly realized that without social media, no one would ever even see this blog. And if no one was reading and there was no growth, well it wouldn’t be a very successful blog. So what happened? Well, This non-social-media-person had to swallow everything she had always said about never creating a Facebook, Twitter, or anything else, bite the bullet, and go for it. (I did have an Instagram to keep up with family and close friends, and a Pinterest account, where I almost never pinned, but that was the only social media.) After making the switch, I very quickly realized the importance of utilizing social media for blog growth. And as you could probably guess from the title of this post, Pinterest has definitely been one of my highest traffic sources! In less then 3 months since starting, the viewing has skyrocketed. Yesterday, I had well over 6,000 Pinterest views of my website’s content ALONE. Now I know that may not seem like a huge number to a super successful blogger, but I’m pretty happy with those numbers!

How To Generat Thousands Of Daily Views From Pinterest

So what did it take to go from the very bottom, to thousands of Pinterest views a day in less than 3 months? Well, put simply, just some time, effort, dedication, and patience! More specifically, what were the steps I took to get there so quickly? Keep reading and you’ll find out!

I’m going to continue on in this post, assuming that you already have a Pinterest account. If you don’t, I would highly recommend starting one as soon as possible! 

Start a blog sharing board

When I was first starting out, I read that one of the best ways to have success for your blog on Pinterest, was to start a blog sharing board. And I have to be honest, that kind of scared me. When I say that I was just starting out, I’m being completely serious. I had a whopping 17 followers (in other words, my family) and that was it. No re-pins, no interactions, no nothing. I was 100% at ground level. The idea of starting a blog sharing board actually made me laugh. Like really, who in the world was going to want to join a sharing board with a person that had basically ZERO followers? It’s not like I was offering them a ton of traffic and viewers. But I decided to just go for it anyways,

I realized that hey, if you’ve decided to take the leap into business blogging, then this is literally what you’ve signed up for! You signed up for putting yourself out there, getting yourself in uncomfortable situations, being insanely friendly & outgoing, and being every random person’s buddy. That’s what being a business blogger means. It means you have the opportunity to use your writing to better the lives around you, make an impact, and at the same time, create a successful life for yourself! Wow, what an amazing thought! Your blogging isn’t about you and your comforts, it’s about stepping OUT of that comfort zone and making the world a better place!

Join Other Pinterest Group Boards

I’m not exactly sure why, but this one scared me at first too. I I felt like I had no clue what I was doing, and I knew that would be quite obvious to successful bloggers. Joining other group boards meant interacting with people I had never met before, sending emails back and forth, and continuously introducing myself and my blog. But you know what, everyone started somewhere! Even the most successful bloggers in the world, at one point had zero followers and were trying to build something from the ground up. In most cases, those successful bloggers would LOVE to help you and see you succeed! They’re not going to look down on you when you are trying to figure out all of the twist and turns of business blogging, because that’s exactly where they used to be!

You Must Be Friendly & Outgoing

It doesn’t matter if you are the quietest person on the face of the planet, if you become a business blogger and are looking for success, you MUST be friendly and outgoing. INSANELY friendly and outgoing. I’m not kidding. You will have to decide to be chatty, outgoing, overly friendly, and always happy to offer your services, helps, and support whenever possible. Your readers don’t want to feel like they’re interacting with a robot or a computer screen, they want a real person who understands them and their lives, let’s them know that they truly do care, and is genuine and sincere in what they do.

Be Willing To Take Chances

Remember our last point? Well, this is where you will have to put that friendliness into action. You are now everyone’s best buddy. Yes, seriously. And don’t forget it. You need to be willing to take chances! What do I mean by that? Well, are you following a super successful blogger on Pinterest? Message them and ask if they would like to join your group board. Yes, I really said that. And yes, I was serious. Why? Well think about it, the worst they could do would be to say ‘no.’ BUT, they might actually say, ‘yes’ and if that happens, your board and account is now getting seen by their 50,000 followers! (Some of the very first bloggers in my blogging board were major bloggers and entrepreneurs. I’m still not sure if they were giving me a chance and hoping that I would grow like they had, or if they just did it out of pity….. Either way, it worked!)  I know that contacting the “big-shots” may seem intimidating, but just keep in mind, you are now the friendliest, most outgoing person you know, and you don’t really have anything to lose, so just go for it! Step out on those limbs, take those chances, and be willing to jump off those cliffs.

Join Facebook Groups

Does that sound like a contradiction since we’re talking about Pinterest? Well, I assure you that it’s not! Facebook groups is actually where about 80% of my Pinterest traffic comes from. And that Pinterest traffic then turns into blog traffic! (I will be sharing a list post with a few of my favorite Facebook blogging groups soon.) Having other bloggers and a blogging community supporting you will make SUCH a difference in your blogging. Aside from the amazing support and encouragement from the other bloggers, you will also notice a huge spike in  your stats and blog growth. You can join Facebook groups that are specifically for bloggers on Pinterest. In those, they will normally have share your pins, profile shares, group board shares, and question threads. These are so successful, because for every pin you share, you are supposed to re-pin others. (normally 10 re-pins) Facebook Pinterest groups have been the cause of many posts going from zero shares, to literal hundreds, overnight.

Re-Pin, Re-Pin, Re-Pin

Yep, it’s as simple as that. re-pinning is so, so important to your traffic. I’ve heard a lot about scheduled pinning like Tailwind, & Boardbooster, but after researching it, apparently Pinterest has changed their programming, so scheduled pinning is no longer more effective then manual pinning. If scheduled pinning works for you, then that’s great! But from what I’ve heard from other bloggers, it’s no longer worth it. Pinning can be quite time-consuming, but you should try to get some kind of a schedule. I try to schedule a specific time each day to pin as many things as possible in that time frame. Also, manual pinning is easier if you are pinning in specific categories. For example, I will go to a bloggers specific board, and pin as many things as I can in 15 or 20 minutes. That way, there is no scrolling, or sorting through thousands of unrelated pins. (Also, when you re-pin a lot from the same person, it helps their stats because the more things are pinned, the more Pinterest will show their content.)

So now I want to hear from YOU! Do you have a Pinterest account? How has it helped influence your blog growth? What were some other things you did to help your Pinterest views grow? Has scheduled pinning worked better for you than manual pinning? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below!

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32 thoughts on “How To Generate Thousands Of Daily Views From Pinterest

  1. Thank you for this post Cynthia. I have been struggling for the past year to get some followers and boost my blog, but it really is super hard when you don’t have social media. I’ll have to talk to my dad (he’s a web designer and programmer and helps in marketing) and see if he has suggestions to add to this. Hopefully I’ll go a bit higher soon. 8 subscribers is a lot more than I had on my first blog, but it’s also a really small number.

  2. Yay!! Pinterest!!! I’ve pinned some of my blog posts to group boards and now have some people following that found me off Pinterest! It’s a great blogging tool, I agree! Have a GREAT DAY, Cynthia!!! 💕


  3. Nope, I’ve never heard of pinterest until reading this post! And I bet about a thousand of those blog views each day are from my sister’s and I! Lol! Have a great day!

    1. Haha, well that’s great to hear that you read so much 😉 But no, those 6,000 Views are ALL from Pinterest, I can see in my stats exactly who is seeing things and where from.

  4. Thanks for writing this post! I have a personal Pinterest, but I really want to start a blog Pinterest. This gave me motivation to start convincing my parents. XD And yay for all your blog growth recently, you SO deserve it❤️

  5. This is a great post. Thanks for the tips and explanations. I’m on week 2 of my blog and articles like these are so helpful to us newbies. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

  6. I just started my blog in January, and everything you have said is so true. I also feel a lot better about not having a scheduling tool, when it seems like everyone else has one. Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. Hey, this is so encouraging because I have been wondering if I should have a scheduling tool or not. I’m still trying to learn the best way to do repins, how often to do it and what not. I really hope to get a hang of all these without getting overwhelmed.

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