March Life & Blogging Review

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Well, yet another month has quickly flown by. I hope it was a good month for you all! I mentioned in my last monthly life & blogging review post, that I should jot down highlights and things as they happened, since I have such a hard time remembering specifics about entire months…. But guess what? Yeah, I forgot to do that. And now March seems like one big blur. Just like last month, and the month before, and the month before that. Well, if I can’t remember what the entire month was like, I guess that’s mostly because the days were all so similar. So would you like to know what a normal day looks like? Okay, here it is:

  • Get up, Get ready
  • Make bed, Do laundry, Clean bedroom
  • Blogging (Check stats, reply to comments, update shares, create images, edit, add links, draft & schedule posts)
  • Go to work
  • Lunch (I’m normally doing some kind of blog work on my lunch break)
  • Work/Studying/Blogging
  • Housework/Family Time
  • Supper
  • Family Time/Cleaning/Misc. Blogging Things
  • Quiet Time/Friends
  • Bed

And then what? I get up and repeat it all over again. Every. Single. Day. So yes, basically my entire month can be summed up with the summary of a single day. Throw in church, a ladies conference, bible quizzing, family social activities, and that totally sums it up! Oh, and of course there was the hiking trip with my best friend, where we just ended up hiking in a circle. And yes, I’m still confused and wondering where in the world we missed the trail turnoff…… Ha, well it was fun anyways 😉

And there you go. End of post. Thanks for reading!

Okay, okay, fine…….. I’ll try to do a little better than that. Let’s get onto some highlights!

Read >>>

Courtship In Crisis by Thomas Umstattd Jr.

My mother had me read this book last year, and it was so good that I decided to read it again. Basically, it’s the case for traditional dating, showing the pitfalls and dangers of “courtship” and why it often just doesn’t work! If you are looking for dating/relationship books that were written from a wise, Christian perspective, I would highly recommend this one!

Productivity Hacks: A Time Management Plan To Become More Productive by George Pain

I was sent a free copy of this book by a publisher and asked if I could give an honest, unbiased review of it. (Perks of being a business blogger 🙂 Who would say no to free books?!) It wasn’t my all time favorite read, but overall it was a pretty good read with a lot of good, basic tips and advice.

Gingham Mountain by Mary Connealy

Okay, so I have to admit, I have a HUGE weakness for historical romances. Yes, huge. And especially when there are orphans and orphan trains involved. That being said, this was such a fun, perfect read!

Created >>>

Hallelujah - Quotes Journal

Ha. This hasn’t been a great month for creating. Hand lettering and photography have been my only “creative” outlets lately. I recently started a quotes journal, where I write favorite words, quotes, song lyrics, and things like that. The quotes journal has been a lot of fun to scribble in, and I’m looking forward to totally filling it, because it will be fun to look through. (Picture example on the left) I’ve also had a lot of fun playing around with my new camera. Which brings us to our next highlight:

Pictures >>>

Here are just a few of my favorite shots from the month…..

Non - March Review

Greenhouse - March Review

Listened >>>

Blogging Review

March was an absolutely amazing month for blogging! Stats are starting to skyrocket, social media is on a steady rise, and posts are getting shared really well. Just ask my family and close friends, I’m probably driving them slightly crazy with all of my blog talk. Things are going so well though, I just can’t help it! I also have some of the sweetest readers, who are supportive and encouraging. Seriously, thank you all so much! It really means a lot. And there are a lot of great guest posts coming up that I’m super excited to be sharing with you all!

I’m also doing really well about stiking to a consistent blogging schedule. I’ve also started tring to go somewhere like a coffee shop or library several afternoons a week. It really helps me stay a lot more focused on my work when I’m not at home where there a million and one other distractions and things to do. I’m looking forward to seeing

Posted >>>

5 Simple Money Saving Tips For Busy People

Quick & Easy Healthy Dark Chocolate Banana Muffins

50 Modest Outfit Ideas

9 Life Changing Books To Read in 2018

7 FREE Photo Resources For Bloggers

Would They Still Call You Beautiful (Guest Post)

5 Things No One Ever Told You About Blogging

5 Tips For Creating A Healthier Lifestyle (Guest Post)

7 Simple Ways To Control Clutter

How To Generate Thousands Of Daily Views From Pinterest

And this post makes 11! I’m pretty sure that’s my record for the most posts in 1 month. And putting all of the work and hours into making sure that I have consistent posts has really, really paid off!

Popular Posts >>>

My 5 most popular posts this month were………

5 Things No One Ever Told You About Blogging with 285 shares.

3 Ways To Keep Simplicity In The Midst Of A Crazy Life with 229 shares.

Quick & Easy Healthy Dark Chocolate Banana Muffins with 205 shares.

7 FREE Photo Resources For Bloggers with 123 shares.

5 Simple Money Saving Tips For Busy People with 123 shares..

After only 3 months of business blogging, I’m pretty happy with those numbers!

April Blogging Goals >>>

  • Focus on working ahead and scheduling posts.
  • 800 Pinterest followers (I currently have 404, so that would be 100 a week. I know that’s a pretty high goal, but hey, let’s see what happens!)
  • 225 bloggers in the Pinterest sharing board. (I currently have 149 different bloggers in this group.)
  • Create a freebie of some kind for the email subscribers list.
  • Have a post reach 500 shares.

Well, I think that’s about it….. So now I want to hear from YOU! How was your month? What were some of your highlights this month? If you are a blogger, how was your March blogging? I hope it was a wonderful month for you all! What was your favorite post from this month? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below!

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8 thoughts on “March Life & Blogging Review

  1. Congrats on all your blogging success! Such a fun post! Yes, I can relate to your “daily” days. And I adore your photography! Wow. That’s enough creativity… but you letter as well? I’m fairly new to your blog so I guess I didn’t realize this, but I think that’s fantastic that you letter, too! Thanks for the excellent update. What an uplifting and inspiring post! ❤

  2. Wow, you have been about just as busy as I am! Oh yes almost constant school work. Oh well It will be worth it when I graduate in a couple weeks! You graduate this spring too right? We can get through these last couple of long weeks of endless school! Is that your little sister in that first photo? She is absolutely adorable! And I love love love the other pictures too! Did you take all of the pictures? I love hand lettering too! Now to answer your questions! My month was amazing! Some highlights of my month were doing lots of baking, hiking with my sister’s, getting my drivers license😀 And family camp near our home! I don’t have a favorite post, they were all amazing! Have an amazing day!

    1. Oh yes, I didn’t even mention that but there’s WAY too much school… Haha. And yes, that is one of my sisters and yes I took all of those pictures. Glad you had a great month!

      1. Did I tell you when I’m graduating (besides the end of spring)? Okay, if you took all those pictures, they are so amazing that you should really consider doing photography lessons! And your little sister is so cute!😊 was that picture of her taken at your home or some place else? If it wasn’t taken at home where did you take it? Have a blessed day!

  3. I love these kind of posts! And I agree – March went SO CRAZY FAST!
    You can add me to your blogging board if you like…. It’s always nice to have more group boards to share content. I am glad your blog is growing so well! I can totally relate to “blog talk” all the time. I’m pretty sure my family went through that too. Haha “the life of a blogger!” 🙂
    I hope your job is going well!

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