40+ Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Have you been looking for some Mother’s Day gift ideas for that special Momma in your life? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! I know that finding the perfect gift can sometimes be quite a struggle, so I’ve compiled this list, (with some guidance & influence from my mother) to hopefully help you out and make it a little easier! Hopefully you have an amazing relationship with your mother, and you are already planning to do something to make her feel loved & special on Mother’s day. And if you don’t have any plans yet, well then what are you waiting for? Start making some! (Ha, says the girl who has made no Mother’s Day plans whatsoever yet….Yes, I should probably start.) Also, just a reminder, PLEASE make sure that your mother feels loved and appreciated a whole lot more than one day out of the year!

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Before we go any further….. I think I need to just get this out. *deep breath* Okay. So I know that some of you probably think that you have the best mother in the world….. But you don’t. Seriously, just stop trying to act like you do. There’s only one “best mom in the world” and that’s my mom. She’s just totally awesome. Like unexplainably awesome. I’m not even going to try to describe how amazing my momma is….. Because then you would all be EXTREMELY jealous, and I would feel kind of bad about not sharing her. She’s mine. Sorry not sorry. But that’s okay, you can go right ahead thinking that your mom is the best. You’re wrong, but it’s fine. And don’t start arguing about it unless you want to start World War III with me 😉

OKAY, now are you ready for some gift ideas for that special Momma in your life? Awesome! Let’s keep reading!

Comfy Cozy Gifts

Cause who doesn’t want to be comfy cozy? It’s time to pamper that momma in your life, and let her know that it’s okay to take a break every once in awhile! She does so much for her family, she needs to have some quiet time for herself too!



Because seriously, what lady doesn’t like pillows? If there’s a lady out there that doesn’t….. Well, I still haven’t met them. Hey mom, how about a master bedroom makeover?? Theses adorable pillows are giving me some ideas!


Every worn-out, exhausted mother knows the feeling of simply wanting to feel beautiful. Help her out a little bit, and let her know how important she is to you! (We don’t need anyone totally losing their sanity or anything.)


There’s a pretty good chance that the Momma in your life LOVES kitchen stuff. I remember begging and begging my mom to leave the kitchen department at the store, and now, the older I get, the longer I want to stay in the kitchen section…. What can I say? She brainwashed me into loving cooking & baking. So yes, there’s like a 99.99% chance that I’ll be getting mom a few kitchen related things for Mother’s Day. And yes, I will be commenting on every single one of these kitchen items, because they’re just so cool!

I know that an Instant Pot is quite a large purchase, but If your Momma doesn’t have one yet, I would really encourage you to make the investment! An Instant Pot will really be a life changer when it comes to cooking. It saves SO much time, and makes it SO simple to whip up delicious, nutritious meals in just minutes!

Okay, so I’m slightly freaking out about this one…… It’s seriously a 20 jar spice tower that has FREE SPICE REFILLS FOR 5 YEARS! Where has this been all of my life?

Trying to subtly ask your mother to do more baking? Well here ya go. A set of measuring cups 😉 Metal measuring cups are my absolute FAVORITE cooking/baking kitchen utensil.

If. You. Do. Not. Own. A. French. Press. You. MUST. Get. One. TODAY. It’s life changing Y’all. Seriously. Sould I repeat myself? It’s life changing y’all. Seriously.

Because who wouldn’t want to drink their French press coffee out of an adorable mug!?!

Sweet & Simple

Who says that gifts have to extravagant and fancy? Sometimes, the simplest things really are the sweetest! It doesn’t even have to be materialistic. When’s the last time you gave your mom a hug? Helped her with the household chores? Sent a quick text to let her know that you love her and have been thinking of her? Hopefully it’s often! Here’s some more simple and sweet gift ideas to help you out a little bit!


Because you can’t really go wrong with a classic gift staple like jewelry!


For all of those mommas who love reading, but probably never get the chance to read, why not get them a book to add to their collection? And when they finally get a chance to read it in about 10 years, they will be so thankful for this thoughtful gift!


When all else fails, you know that you can’t go wrong with food or chocolate! (Well, chocolate in the case of every woman in the world except for me. Please never get me chocolate.)


Okay….. So I was just going to link to a few shirts, but then I started looking through….. There are so many ridiculously cute ones!! I’m definitely going to be getting my mom one of these (or maybe 10) but I’m going to have an awful time trying to narrow them down! Which one is your favorite?

Okay, yes I may have just a slight obsession with “Mama Bear” stuff…. It’s just so cute!

So now I want to hear from YOU! Are you going to try debating me on the fact that I have the most amazing mother in the world? (You probably shouldn’t even try.) What are you getting your Mother for Mother’s Day this year? Do you have any special plans? Did this list give you any ideas? I’d love to hear from you in the comments down below!

Oh, and all of you mommas out there? It’s okay to treat yourself and get something! The kids aren’t going to die if you spend 10 dollars on a new book for yourself, instead of a new toy for them. 😉

Happy soon-to-be Mother’s Day! Now go give your momma a hug and let her know that you love and appreciate her!

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7 thoughts on “40+ Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Sorry Cynthia, but MY mom is the world’s best! I am sure your mom is amazing but my mom is way to amazing to even compete with everyone who says they have the best mom ever! I’m kidding, I’m sure everyone’s mom is amazing and equally awesome (even though we all think we have the world’s best mom, lol!). These are all great gift ideas that I will have to take into consideration! I have a few ideas for what to get my mom but I’m not going to say them just because my mom reads your blog and comments (Hi Mom!)! And I also have plans but I’m not saying for the same reason I’m not saying my ideas for what to get her. My mom possibly could be in the hospital having the babies on mother’s day but I don’t think so because she is due at the end of May but you never know! I think the shirts are are super cute and I don’t have a favorite one! And my mom LOVES the kitchen more than anyone else does so the kitchen gifts just might be at the top of my list! Oh yes how could I forget jewelry and beauty? She loves that type of stuff! Have a great day!!!!🌞

  2. And hold on wait you don’t like chocolate or are you being sarcastic?🍫 Well I guess it can’t be any crazier that I strongly dislike pizza and don’t like most ice creams🍦🍕

    1. Nope I’m not being sarcastic, I really don’t like chocolate. And I’m not a huge fan of ice cream either ☺ But pizza!?!? Oh my goodness girl, how could you not like pizza???

  3. Ahhh…. I wasn’t going to read this post!!!

    I actually oredered a mama bear shirt a couple months ago and they apparently sold out so fast my money got returned… so maybe I will end up with one afterall!

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