How To Keep Blogging From Taking Over Your Life

Do you ever struggle with managing your time well? Does it seem like blogging (or other work) is beginning to take over every single second of your life? Well I’ve got some great news for you! It doesn’t have to! In this post, we’re going to be chatting about just a few things you can do, in order to keep your blogging from taking over and ruining your life.

Sadly, I’ve seen WAY too many posts from bloggers, explaining all of the reasons why blogging has ruined their life, and sharing all of the reasons that starting a blog was the worst decision they had ever made. How did this happen? Could they have done anything to prevent that from happening? Yes. Absolutely. To put it simply, your blog is an INANIMATE OBJECT. It does nothing on it’s own. It doesn’t have the ability to ruin your life. YOU are the voice behind your blog. YOU are the choices behind your blog. In a way, your blog is going to be a direct representation of YOU! It is absolutely impossible for a blog to ruin your life, unless you let it. For the people that have been so scarred by blogging, I think it’s time to take a step back and realize that YOU are the person behind the scenes! Your blog is not going to jump up, waving a gun in your face, and demand that you neglect your family, ignore your kids, and abandon every other life priority, to focus ONLY on the blog. I promise you, it’s not! Your blog only has as much power and control over your life as you hand to it. It’s your choice!

So what are a few ways you can keep blogging from taking over your life? Let’s keep reading!

Set Your Priorities

Figuring out what your life priorities are, is going to be crucial to controlling your blog time. List your priorities, and then figure out where blogging fits in that list. If you are a mother, your children of course need to be your top priority. In fact, cooking, cleaning, and caring for the kids will most likely ALL come before blogging. And that’s okay! You don’t have to be work yourself ragged and posting 2000 word posts 3 times a week. Figure out what works best for YOU. Blogging shouldn’t be taking over or ruining your life

Your priorities are going to change. In my life right now, I have the time & ability to make blogging a very high priority. But if I had 4 little kids running around, and a house to take care of, would I be spending this much time blogging? Ha. No. Absolutely not. That’s actually one of the biggest reasons why I put in the 10+ hour days that I do. I want to build a successful blog while I have the time, so that when I no longer have this time,

Learn When To Say No

Oh……. This one is so, so hard for me sometimes. I want to do it all, I want to succeed at it all, but the truth is, you can’t! You are going to get a lot more done if you focus on a few specific things, rather than trying to run in a million different directions at once. It’s okay to say no if someone asks you to guest post for them. It’s okay to say no when someone asks you to head up a

So what is the secret to keeping blogging from taking over and ruining your entire life? Well, put simply, it’s balance and moderation! Learn how to optimize your time. Learn how to work quickly and efficiently. Learn how to STOP. Keep your priorities straight. Don’t be so caught up in your work and finding success, that you forget about the truly important things in life.

The bottom line is this….. If blogging is taking over your life, messing up your priorities, you will very soon find yourself writing one of those posts like, “Blogging Ruined My Life” or “Starting A Blog Was The Worst Decision I Ever Made” or “3 Thousand Reasons You Should NEVER Start A Blog.”

How To Quickly & Effectively Write Posts

In order to keep blogging from taking over every moment of your life, you will need to learn how to write posts quickly in order to optimize the use of your time. Just like anything, you will get better with practice. The more you write, the easier it will be! Here are a few tips to help you focus and write posts quickly and efficiently……..

Hold yourself accountable. If you struggle with self-motivation and holding yourself accountable, I would suggest teaming up with a blogger buddy or close friend to help keep you on track and motivated. You NEED to have goals. You NEED to have deadlines. You NEED to have accountability. As much as you may hate it sometimes, I promise it will be for the best! Make a blogging schedule. And then stick to it! Don’t change it unless World War III breaks out. Having a schedule will motivate you to work ahead and get posts scheduled far in advance. If your blogging schedule says that you must post on Monday, then post on Monday! Even if that means writing loooooong into Sunday night. If you don’t push yourself, and hold yourself accountable, you’ll end up skipping the post. (Because really, what’s the harm in skipping a post? It’s not THAT bad right?) After you start skipping posts, it will become easier and easier to make excuses and put your blog on the back burner. Don’t procrastinate! In the long run, it will only make things harder!

Brainstorm post ideas & outlines. You would be surprised at how many post ideas you can come up in just 10 or 15 short minutes! Grab a notebook and a pen, silence your phone, and scribble down every random post idea that comes to mind. Even if you end up tossing most of them, they can still point you in the right direction.

After you have your post ideas, choose your favorites, then turn to a new page in your notebook, listing a single post title at the top of each page. On that page, create a quick, basic guideline of the major points and things you would like to cover in that post. For example, if I was creating a paper outline for this post, it would look something like this…..


Part 1, setting priorities & learning when to say no.

Notes: Be sure to mention, priorities will change, some will have more time to devote to blogging, figure out what works best for you, create a schedule, When you are working, WORK. Stay focused. Keep your priorities straight. Don’t run yourself totally ragged. Be intentional with everything that you are doing.

Part 2, tips for quickly & effectively writing posts.

Notes: Accountability. Deadlines. Challenging yourself is good. Batching image creation. Brainstorming post ideas & outlines. Quiet work space. Don’t work on an empty stomach. Set timers. Quiet work environment. Specific writing/work areas. Challenge yourself and work hard, but stop when you need to.

Create images in batches. Since you already have your post titles and basic outlines, this part should be pretty simple. If you can, try to create your post images for the next few weeks (Or if you’re super organized, a few months in advance.) When you are creating images in batches, it’s also easier to be sure that your images, designs, and branding all work well together and look consistent.

Work against the clock Yes, you read that right. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and work against the clock. In a good way! (Thankfully you’re not working against the clock to try to disarm a nuclear bomb or something…. Wow, that would be stressful.) Whether this means setting an actual timer, simply checking the time, using an app on your phone, or something else, learning to work with timers will drastically change your work production! For example, the phone app, Pomodoro Timer, is a work production timer, based on the 25/5 method. Basically, you will have 25 minutes of uninterrupted work time, followed by a 5 minute break. Shut out all distractions, work as much as you can in those 25 minutes, and when the time is up, STOP. Get up, walk around, do a quick workout, do a few quick household chores, or eat a healthy snack. Which brings us to our next point…….

Eat Healthy, High Protein Foods. You probably weren’t expecting to see something about food in this post were you? Well, too bad. Food is almost always on my mind, so of course it was going to find it’s way into this post too 😉 Be sure that you are eating healthy, high protein foods that will keep you filled up, give you energy, and help you stay focused. When you’re filling your body with unhealthy snacks and junk food, eventually, you’re going to end up feeling exhausted, distracted, and unmotivated. (Kind of like me right now….. It’s 7:32pm and I am so unmotivated and distracted right now, it’s not even funny. Seriously, I just want Chick-Fil-A….. *crying a few silent tears* Okay, so in other words, I should have eaten a better lunch.) Some of a few of my favorite healthy snacks are, apples & peanut butter, cliff bars, and these chocolate peanut butter protein balls.

So now I want to hear from YOU! Are you a blogger who struggles with finding the proper work/life balance? What are afew things you do to keep blogging from taking over every second of your life? What are some things that you would add to my list? Have you figured out how to write posts quickly & efficiently? How do you stay focused and motivated in your work? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below!

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3 thoughts on “How To Keep Blogging From Taking Over Your Life

  1. When I first started blogging I felt like blogging took over my life, so I decided I would remind myself to keep my blogging around this, God, Family/friends, and then blogging. Keeping blogging from taking over your life is so hard but very possible. How I figured out I could keep my life from not just being around blogging is to only take 10 minutes at the beginning of each week to write down every post Idea I could think of for a post that week and pick a post each day and write it if that makes sense to you… And keeping myself focused on writing my post for that day quickly so I could move on with my day is difficult especially when you have 16 almost 22 siblings because there is so many distractions but my method was to go in a closet or even down to the basement because that is where I could find peace and quiet and then get a blanket and an apple or something for a snack and a glass of water and just work as fast as I could. So that’s what I always did. Have a great day!

  2. Great post! Lots of great tips.
    It can definitely feel like blogging is threatening to take over your life on occasion. For me, it is still a learning process, but brainstorming posts & outlines has helped immensely. I use the memo app on my phone, so that I can brainstorm anywhere. You never know when you might get a great idea for a post. 🙂

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