The Ultimate Spring Bucket List For Families

Hello everyone! I’m just popping in with a short and simple post this morning. The weather here in Southern Pennsylvania has been absolutely crazy lately. Spring just can’t see to make up it’s mind! We have had 80 degrees one day, and snow the next! Yes, seriously. It’s crazy. Now, I think spring has finally decoded that it’s here to stay. With all of the beautiful warm weather that we’ve been having lately, I thought it would be fun to put together a little spring bucket list for the family. Of course, not everything on this list will be done by everyone in my family, but I’m sure much of it will be done together, or at least with a sibling or two.

The Ultimate Spring Bucket List For Families

In my family, we absolutely love adventures! And if you know me, you know that I call almost everything an adventure. I might actually go just a *little* overboard on the adventuring… But it’s fine, because life’s more fun when you think that way! Of course, adventuring looks a little different from person to person, but it’s fun to figure out what the siblings enjoy, and what you can do for them/with them that will mean the most. For example, I’ve learned not to take Joanna out shopping, and then stop for an impromptu hike through muddy fields. It will go well for about 3 minutes, and then you will end up carrying her. I’ve also learned that I can’t take Jason to the bank and then try to convince him that it’s an awesome adventure….. Anyone who knows my brother Jason, knows the exact look that he gave me when I said that. “Ummmmmm, but we’re at least going to get ice cream or something, right? You’re CRAZY if you think going to the bank is an adventure.” So yes, we got ice cream that day. And caramel popcorn. And chocolate milk. And I don’t even remember what else…. (In case you can’t tell, Buying stuff for other people is the one loop hole in my strict budget keeping.)

ANYWAYS. Are you ready for a fun spring time bucket list with some fun little adventure ideas? Here we go!

  • Walk By The Lake
  • Make A Fruit Salad
  • Dip For Minnows
  • Dig For Worms
  • Plant Flowers
  • Go On A Breakfast Date
  • Get Ice Cream and/or Snow Cones
  • Send A Handwritten Letter
  • Create A Spring Photo Album
  • Go Barefoot All Day (This one isn’t hard for my family 😉 )
  • Chase A Sunset
  • Explore A New Place
  • Climb Trees
  • Make Sun Tea
  • Pick Wildflowers
  • Skip Stones
  • Take A Bicycle Trip
  • Go To A Farmer’s Market
  • Go To A Greenhouse
  • Make a DIY Spring Décor Item
  • Kidnap a friend for a day out
  • Surprise Someone With Lunch
  • Have A Campfire
  • Feed The Birds
  • Have A Photoshoot In An Orchard
  • Go Stargazing
  • Go On A Picnic
  • Do A Random Act Of Kindness For A Stranger
  • Go On A Scavenger Hunt
  • Play In The Rain
  • Have A Family Movie Night
  • Swing At The Playground
  • Fly A Kite
  • Go Fishing
  • Go Yard-sailing
  • Press & Dry Flowers
  • Go On A Late Night Walk
  • Have A Water Fight
  • Have A Mud Fight
  • Make-Your-Own Pizza Night

Well, that’s it for now! So now I want to hear from YOU! What are you doing this spring? Do you have a spring bucket list? Is it similar to this one? What are some things that you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments down below!

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One thought on “The Ultimate Spring Bucket List For Families

  1. Aww, this all sounds so fun! I don’t really have a bucket list but this one is really good! I don’t know exactly all of what we are doing this spring but I know it will be crazy (opps I mean an adventure😜) a few things we are doing this spring is, we are going to see sherry and her husband, the babies will be arriving, I graduate at the beginning of May ( I can’t wait! What month do you graduate?) So that’s a few things I know we are (lord willing) doing this spring. What are YOU doing this spring? Haha, our sister’s are complete opposite. I will use Savannah for example, if I told Savannah (depending on the store, but she likes most stores) we were going shopping and then going for a hike in a muddy field she would be thrilled! Have a great day!

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