The Only Thing That’s Standing Between You & Success

How To Take Control Of Your Time

What is the only thing that’s standing between you & success? Surprisingly, there’s actually a pretty simple answer!

Don’t wish for it, work for it. It’s not about the run, it’s about my entire life. Don’t wish for it, work for it. It’s not about the run, it’s about my entire life.

Over and over again, those words kept playing through my head. Stuck on repeat.

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I was 10 minutes into a long run, and already, thoughts of turning back were about suffocating me.

It was almost 90 degrees, and I was sweating before I even stepped out of my car. On that hot day, taking a long run was just about the last thing on my list of what I wanted to do. But there I was anyways, lacing up my running shoes, taking a deep breath, and starting to move. I had only ran a few yards before I realized that I had forgotten water, and there was none in my car either. Well that’s great! If I don’t have a heat stroke, I’ll be dehydrated instead! At this point, I had all of the reasons I needed to stop and quit. Honestly, I wanted to stop right there. I hate running. I really do. But then my overthinking brain got the best of me….

As soon as the thoughts of quitting popped into my head, they were pushed away with a different thought entirely. It’s not just about the run. Wait, what? This isn’t just about the run. It’s about my entire life. If I quit this, what’s stopping me from quitting every other *slightly* difficult challenge that comes in my life? If I never pushed & challenged myself, how would I ever grow? You can’t become successful at anything when you’re always living inside of your comfort zone. I’m going to finish this run and I’m going to finish it strong. I’m not quitting this run. I’m not quitting life. It’s a challenge, and a small one at that. Of course I can do this! (Anyone else have crazy, deep thoughts like this while working out? Please tell me that it’s not just me.) And with those thoughts playing on repeat and a smile on my face, I ran even harder, determined to finish strong.

Was thinking of running as an example of my entire life a little overdramatic? Well, maybe. But one thing that I know for sure, It was an extremely helpful example. I would be the first to say, I am NOT a runner. I can’t stand it. So why in the world was I doing it? Because of the challenge. For me, running means pushing myself to do something that I don’t necessarily want to do, and becoming a better person because of it. It’s called building character, even through the smallest decisions that you make. Sometimes, building character means putting your feelings and comfort behind you, to do what you KNOW is best!

Your entire life is going to be made up of those “small decisions.” As one of my favorite quotes says……

Don’t think about what can happen in a month. Don’t think about what can happen in a year. Just focus on the 24 hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be.

Our entire lives are made up of those seemingly small decision. And in the long run, you would be surprised at how much they really matter!

How often do we give up on something, simply because we don’t feel like it?

Yes, we know what we SHOULD be doing, but actually doing it is a whole other story.

You know that you should be working harder. So why aren’t you?

You know that you should be getting up earlier. So why aren’t you?

You know that you should be saving more and spending less. So why aren’t you?

You know that you should be speaking kinder and choosing your words more wisely. So why aren’t you?

You know that you should be spending more quality time with your family. So why aren’t you?

You know that you should be putting more hard work and determination into your side hustles. So why aren’t you?

You know that you should be eating healthier. So why aren’t you?

Seriously, stop and think about it for a moment…… Why aren’t you? If we were honest, the only reason is, YOU.

YOU are what is standing between you and a successful life. It’s you, your choices, your actions, your thoughts, your decisions, your everything.

YOU are the one who’s going to make the decision to get up, to challenge yourself, to push yourself to your limits, and ultimately, to succeed.

No one else can make those decisions for you! No one else can make you work harder, be more determined, and put in more effort. Can I be blunt here for a minute? You can’t sit on your couch watching TV your entire life, and then expect to miraculously wake up one day, living your dream life. It’s just not going to happen! If you want to be successful in an area of your life, then get up and do something about it!

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So what actually makes someone successful? It could be so many different things! Maybe they are missionaries or pastor’s families that have done great things for God. Maybe they’ve had a great marriage and raised an amazing family. Maybe they’ve built a business from the ground up, or their bank accounts are full to overflowing. Maybe they haven’t done anything out of this world amazing, but they have a joy filled “normal” life. And that’s an amazing thing! No matter what they are successful in, they all have one thing in common. They were determined.

Spoiler alert: Successful people weren’t born that way. Every success that they have, they worked for. What do all successful people have in common? Their hard work ethic, determination, and dedication. To everything. They have learned to keep going, and keep pushing on, one step at a time, even through the difficult, challenging parts of life. Because they realize that choosing strength through those challenges is what’s going to make them a better, stronger, more successful person!

When you feel like quitting, you don’t have to! When you feel like giving up, you can keep going! This isn’t a motivational post to say that you are always going to have a picture perfect life. No, not at all. Life is life! But this is a post to say, you can make a difference. You can make a positive impact on your future life. You can make wise decisions. You can challenge yourself. You can grow. You can build character. You can be successful!

So now I want to hear from YOU! What does success mean to you? How do you challenge yourself to grow and become a better person? What are some things in your life that have built character and inspired you to keep going in EVERY area of your life? I’d love to hear from you in the comments down below!

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9 thoughts on “The Only Thing That’s Standing Between You & Success

  1. Exactly! You probably would not believe the struggle in my head constantly. Honestly, I am a quitter by nature… but I refuse to give in because that is not who I want to be. How many times I even start washing dishes, only to walk away from the last few… I don’t know why. But I push myself to meet my goals to strive to be the person I want to be. Eventually it comes easier. One goal at a time eventually becomes a habit… lol… then on to the next struggle! Yet, in the end it is always worth it to become the person I want to be.

  2. This was so powerful! Thanks so much for sharing. I needed the extra motivation, especially on a Monday blaaa!! Haha. ❤

  3. What an inspirational blog post! I’m working hard on creating a blog, but I need to do better at health and nutrition. You hit the nail on the head — it’s all about ME doing the hard things I don’t want to!

  4. Very motivating – thank you, Cynthia!
    It’s true that if we aren’t willing to get out of our comfort zone, work for things, and LEARN things… we aren’t going to go very far. This applies to our walk with God and our life in general. God created us, and He enables us to do so much more than many of us are willing to do!
    Thanks for sharing this, and giving me some food for thought!
    Rebekah Joy

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