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Are You Missing The Most Amazing Moments Of Your Life?

I have a question for you. In fact, it’s a question that I’ve been asking myself quite often. Are you missing the most amazing moments of your life?

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It’s been on my mind a lot lately…… The way that time slips by so fast. When I look at my family, specifically, my little siblings… Well, they’re not quite so little anymore! Even my youngest little baby bear seems like he’s turning into a man overnight. And it’s crazy to see. The older I get, the shorter my time left at home becomes. And that is such a bittersweet thought!

I just keep thinking…… How many more chances will I have to tuck them into bed at night? How many more chances will I have to just let them play and make as much of a mess as they want? How many more chances will I have to bake cookies with them and sprinkle their noses with flour? How many more chances will I have to run through fields and pick wildflowers with them? How many more chances will I have to braid the little sister’s hair? How many more springs will we get to plant the gardens together? How many more winter evenings will we get to make blanket forts and drink hot chocolate together? How many more times will we stay up late, telling crazy stories and laughing until we’re crying? How many more times will I get to watch their faces light up when I surprise them with ice cream?

As long as I live, I know that there will never be enough of those moments.

But it really makes me think… How many of those wonderful moments have I missed, or will I miss in the future, simply because of me and my choices? Time flies by, regardless of how you are using it. Am I keeping my family as a number one priority? Or do I sometimes rush by, because I’m “just too busy” with other things? At the end of your life, will you be able to say that you tried your best to be purposeful with your life and the time that you were given? Are you going to look back and see time well spent? Priorities kept well in order? Or are you going to be filled with regret at all of those special memories you could’ve had, but missed out on?

The truth is, life will always be busy.

There will always be something else on your to-do list. There will always be things to do, places to go and work to be done. There will always be distractions. There will always be things competing for your time and attention. But at the end of the day, you have time for what you make time for. If family, friendships, and relationships are important to you, you will figure out a way to make time for them. Time passes by SO quickly. You don’t have enough time to forget about the things (people) that truly matter!

My life has changed so much in the past year. This time last year, I was the girl who was always at home, studying and doing chores. Now, I’m finished with school, I have a busy work schedule, I’m running a business blog and a million other things. Looking back, I’m realizing just how much I took that “always at home” time for granted. Instead of always being present and making those family moments the best they could be, it was often more like stumbling. Yes, I would spend time with the family, but to be honest, I didn’t always want to. Because of that, I know that I missed out on a whole lot of wonderful memories.

Save yourself from regrets, by making wise decisions about the way you use your time. Someday, you may not have the opportunities that you have now! Next year isn’t promised to you. Next month isn’t promised to you. Next week isn’t promised to you. Tomorrow isn’t even promised you. Are you really, truly living as if each day could be your last? I sure hope so!

Everything I’ve said can be pretty well summed up in one simple statement: Wherever you are, be all there! When you are spending time with a sibling, be sure that you are actually focused on THEM! When you are working on something, do it to the best of your abilities! It’s time to stop all of the half-hearted efforts and throw yourself all in! Be intentional with your time and what you choose to do with it! Be purposeful in the decisions that you make, no matter how small, or how great.

Wherever you are, be all there! Be intentional with your time and what you choose to do with it! Be purposeful in the decisions that you make, no matter how small, or how great.Click To Tweet

There are adventures to be made. There are memories to be created. There are stories to be told. There are smiles and laughter to be shared. Don’t miss out on those moments! Make this life an amazing one! Your loved ones should be the biggest blessings in your life. God didn’t put them in your life so that you could forget about them as you run through your busy life. Whether you are a parent, spouse, child, or a sibling, never forget how important family truly is!

Well, I kind of feel like I wrote this post to myself, but hopefully, it could be a challenge to you as well! So now I want to hear from YOU! Are you missing out on the adventures and memories, simply because of your decisions and the way you choose to use your time? Are you missing out on the most amazing moments of your life? I sure hope not! How do you make sure that you are being intentional in your relationships with your loved ones? I’d love to hear from you in the comments down below!

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8 thoughts on “Are You Missing The Most Amazing Moments Of Your Life?”

  • so… yeah…. don’t forget about next Wednesday at 1:30…. planning on making some memories with all you kiddos!!
    …and yes… this made me tear up a bit. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  • Great post!!!! We have really been starting to striving this last few years to make the most of our time with our children. They grow so fast and there are so many missed opportunities to make memories. LOVE YOU , you are such a blessing and encouragement to me.

  • This is so hard… so very hard. Priorities and being pulled is so many directions hamper the whole live in the moment thing sometimes. Things I have to do, things I should do, thinks I’d like to do. I have to weight it very carefully. BUT careful planning, saying no, and leaving extra time in my day for these precious and fun moments is doable!

    • Yes, you are exactly right… It is hard, but it is doable. And when we use our time wisely and make time for the things that truly matter, it is SO rewarding!

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