May Life & Blogging Review

May Life & Blogging Review

Guess what!! I totally forgot to post my May review post! Normally, I try to write up rough drafts of posts to schedule ahead of time, but somehow, the last day of May slipped by without me even realizing that I hadn’t scheduled my review post! I guess posting it 3 days late is better than not posting it at all though, so here we are! Let’s take a quick look at a few highlights from the past month…….

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Listened >>>

I listened to a whole bunch of stuff….. And my Amazon link editor isn’t working… So we’re just going to have to leave it at that. Wow, this is going to be a thrilling monthly review, can’t you tell?

Read >>>

Hmmmmmm…… I actually can’t give this one away yet. I finished up two books, but they had already been highlighted in a previous monthly review. Now, I’m reading two books together., but I can’t give away the titles yet. Don’t worry, I will be doing a post on them soon!

Highlight >>>

Guess who graduated!?!? Me!!! So yes, that was DEFINITELY the highlight of the month! My parents threw such a thoughtful graduation party for me and It was wonderful to see the supportive, loving family and friends who came to help me celebrate. Oh, and if you haven’t gotten a thank you card yet….. I’m sorry, I’m working on it, I promise!

If you missed my graduation post, you can check it out here: Graduation Thoughts & 10 Things Every High Schooler Needs To Know

Looking Forward >>>

I’m going traveling!! Over the course of the next month, (June into July) I will be traveling to several different places across the country. Mainly, I will be in my (original) home sweet home, Iowa. I couldn’t be more thrilled

Working at camp last summer, I had to pack for 2 months, but since I was in one place, I felt like I could actually unpack and settle in. This will only be 1 month of travel, but it feels harder to prepare for since I will be jumping from place to place. I’m trying to take a minimalist approach to packing…. But it’s just not going to work. I just know it. Because who knows what’s going to happen in an entire month! I have to be prepared for anything!


Blog Review


To those who have contacted me asking if I’m doing okay because I haven’t been blogging as much, the answer is, Yes! I’ve been doing great! Thank you for your consideration. As you have probably noticed, I have been posting only twice a week instead of three times a week. There were several reasons for this, mainly just a busy schedule. Believe it or not, I actually do like to sleep 😉 So with all of the different things going on this month, I thought it would be a good idea to save my sanity by cutting one of the weekly posts. Because let’s be honest, the best writing doesn’t usually happen at 3 AM.

May’s blogging can be summed up in one word: Steady.

Nothing spectacular happened, but it’s still been a great month for blogging. I was able to stick to my schedule of two posts per week, Monday and Friday, 7 AM. Removing Wednesday’s post has done absolute wonders when it comes to scheduling and using my time. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging! But when you finish a long work day and then have the daunting thought of a one thousand word post that should’ve already been finished YESTERDAY…… Yeah, cue the chai lattes and messy buns. Ha, okay, who am I kidding….. I live in messy buns anyways….. and chai lattes? Perfection. But anyways, let’s keep moving!


9 posts! It’s been a pretty crazy month, so I’m happy with that. But looking down through these post titles….. WOW. Talk about a scattered brain. This months posts were definitely all over the place. Sorry, I’ll try to do better this month 😉

How To Take Control Of Your Time

The Only Thing That’s Standing Between You & Success

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The Only Cinnamon Roll Recipe You Will Ever Need

5 Ways To Quickly & Efficiently Memorize Scripture

The Unique Blogger Award

Graduation Thoughts & 10 Things Every High Schooler Needs To Know

Land Of The Free, Because Of The Brave

Are You Missing The Most Amazing Moments Of Your Life?

Blog Related Thoughts >>>

To the bloggers out there…… Have your Pinterest views and clicks been nosediving lately? I know that it has been a huge topic of conversation in blogger groups for the past several months. I had posts and pins from my website generating tens of thousands of views, and now they’re just flat out gone! For example, a few weeks ago while checking stats, the original pin for my post, 5 Things You Need To Know Before You Start A Blog,  had been viewed and read over 37,000 times. Now, it’s showing only 717 times. So what happened? Did they totally erase all previous stats with the new upgrades? If you have any ideas, please let me know! There is a HUGE difference in 37.000 views and 717 views. Yes, of course, I still use Google analytics to track my pageviews and traffic sources, but Pinterest USED to be one of the easiest ways to check my traffic, due to the “clicks to website” stats.

Have the recent Pinterest changes been a frustration to you? Have you figured out how to break the new algorithm or code yet? If you have, please let me know! It’s been weeks upon weeks since they started making all of the changes, and I STILL haven’t heard what size pins we are supposed to be using, how often we are supposed to pin, if manual or scheduled pinning is more effective, etc.

Also, if you have figured out a pinning schedule that works well with the new system, please leave me a comment or shoot me an email to let me know!! Because of a bad pinning schedule, my views coming from Pinterest have dropped almost 80,000 in the past 3 weeks. So yes, as you can tell, I am quite obviously doing something wrong. Feel free to help a girl out, if you can! I’m actually really close to just hiring a Pinterest manager…… So if you have anyone to suggest, (yourself included) please let me know!

Looking Forward >>>

I *think* that June should be a pretty great month for blogging. Key words, I *think* 😉

With all of the time I will be spending at the office in Iowa, I think I should have quite a bit of time to write and schedule posts, as well as catch up on the marketing and affiliate things that I threw out the window in May. As for the posting schedule, we are going to stick to just two posts a week until further notice. I would rather have posts scheduled well in advance, than struggle to keep up with 3 a week.


So now I want to hear from YOU! How was your May? What great things are you looking forward to in the month of June? Do you have any travel plans? Can you answer any of my Pinterest questions? I’d love to hear from you in the comments down below!

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7 thoughts on “May Life & Blogging Review

  1. May was crazy… but every month seems to be! I finished my book and got half way through another. I hit my goal for exercise. We were not able to complete school, so I’m really pushing the kids now. I was able to keep to my once a week adventure outing!!! That was fun. And try one new food dish a week… I got 3 out of 4! I didn’t get as much decluttering done as I wanted but I did start cleaning out my flower garden, so I think I’m still good. I have another crazy month schedule for June… my calendar is overflowing already!!!

  2. May was about the most exciting but crazy month so far this year! First was graduating at the beginning of the month, then the babies were born, and Julia got engaged on memorial day (I’m pretty sure that was the highlight of her month😊)! In June I’m looking forward to Sherry’s little girl being born, and many other things that I will share at the end of the month! Yes, I have lots of travel plans (all to go visit friends and family). I will be traveling a LOT this summer, but don’t worry I will be sure to do my adventuring while I’m away 😉 Next week we are going to be heading to North Carolina for 2 weeks, Tennessee for 3 weeks, West Virginia for 2 weeks, Pennsylvania for a month, Maine for 3 weeks, and then on our way back to Texas we are stopping back in Pennsylvania for a week to visit more family that we didn’t see the first time around (different part of PA) , and then North Carolina again for a break, and then back to Texas. In August we are going to the other side of Texas to see family. So yeah I’m pretty sure I’m doing some traveling , lol! When I say ‘ We’ I mean the whole family. Yes, all 25 of us, parents and children! Are we a little crazy, Yes, probably but hey being crazy can be an adventure, right? While we are in Tennessee we are going to be with the bates family for week and a half (if you know who the bates are) what I mean is we will be going to see Zack and Whitney and the kids, Chad and Erin and the kids, and Bobby and Tori, not just Gil and Kelly And the kids. It’s going to be so much fun! We get along with the bates family so well. To bad Michaela won’t be there, she loves babies and we have plenty to be held non stop! We will (Like last time) be in York when we are in PA the first time around. So we will be very busy but maybe we could meet this time we come if your home! You too said you love babies so if we get to meet you can probably meet us all and get to hold the babies! I hope we can finally meet this time we come! I guess we will see what happens! Okay enough of my rambling !

    The babies are still very tiny. They are having a hard time gaining weight but they are very slowly. Some of the girls just hit 7 pounds while others are a little bit bigger. Some of them can’t even fit newborn 0-3 months clothing yet. So they are small but let’s be honest who wants babies to get big? I know it’s important that they get bigger but I want them to stay small forever! Have a great day! Joy💜 Psalm 119

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