3 Simple Ways To Stay Productive & Get More Done

3 Simple Ways To Stay Productive & Get More Done - A Sweet N Simple Life Blog #blog #inspirational #asweetnsimplelife #productivity #intentionalliving

Do you ever feel like you’re slamming a brick wall when you’re trying to be productive? Do you ever feel like you spend all your time running in circles, yet never get anything accomplished? Well, then this post is for you! It’s a pretty common occurrence to hear someone talking about how there’s just never enough time in the day, or how they’re always running in circles, but feel like they’re never getting anything done. It’s easy to fall into survival mode, but it is such a bad place to be! If any of that sounds like you, then TODAY is the day to say goodbye to surviving and hello to thriving. So here we go, 3 simple ways to stay productive & get more done!

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3 Simple Ways To Stay Productive & Get More Done - A Sweet N Simple Life Blog #blog #inspirational #asweetnsimplelife #productivity #intentionalliving

3 Simple Ways To Stay Productive & Get More Done:


Before you go to bed, try to make a basic outline for the next day. Think about everything that needs to be accomplished, then prioritize them according to their importance. I personally make at least 3 main priorities for my day. Some days you will be struggling to get those 3 things finished, and other days, you will breeze through them and accomplish a million and one other things as well! Those 3 tasks should be your biggest, most important, tasks of the day. Those are the non negotiables. Do your best to get them done!

But wait!! You’re forgetting something! What happens when everything is important? Where in the world do I start? Well, that depends on several different factors…… Identify whether or not the things you need to accomplish are long-term or short-term tasks. What things need to be done immediately? What things will have a greater impact? Is it important just in the long run? Or does it urgently need to be done today?

At the end of the day, productivity comes down to you deciding to be intentional. If you aren’t intentional with your time and the way you use it, it will be easy to end up in the same old rut, running in circles, but not accomplishing much of anything. Be sure that your priorities are realistic, keep them in order, and use your time wisely! Time goes by way too fast when you don’t have goals, plans, and priorities.

Stay Focused

After you have your day’s priorities in place, it’s time to take action. Work hard, stay focused, and get it done! Wherever you are, be all there. If you are cleaning a bathroom, clean the bathroom! If you are washing dishes, wash the dishes! If you are spending time with family, spend time with family! If you are writing, then write! In my opinion, staying focused is probably the most important part of living an intentional, productive life. There are so many things in life that are constantly vying for our attention, but if we are jumping back and forth between a million different things, we won’t actually accomplish much. Learn to stay focused on the task at hand, and complete it before moving on to the next thing.

This might come as a surprise, but multi-tasking is NOT a good thing. In fact, multi-tasking is actually the biggest enemy of productivity. I’m sure we all know how it feels to get to the end of a long day spent multi-tasking……… You’re exhausted from running in circles all day, yet it still seems like you haven’t accomplished anything! Instead of staying focused on the tasks at hand and finishing your work to completion, you were jumping from one thing to the next, never really accomplishing anything. Instead of looking back at a successful productive day, you’re going to be discouraged when you look back and see that you haven’t finished anything.

Stay Organized

This is especially important when you are cleaning and organizing. Don’t stress yourself out by creating a bigger mess than you started with! Keep things in order and stay organized and in control. Don’t start tearing apart an entire room if you’re not going to take the time to finish the job. There’s a big difference in challenging yourself to work hard, and in biting off way more than you can handle. Set goals that are challenging, yet attainable. Work quickly and efficiently. Complete your original task BEFORE moving on to the next one. Do your best to stay away from multitasking as much as possible. It’s not going to work!

Don’t be flopping around like a fish out of water, never accomplishing what you set out to do. Stay organized by staying focused on the tasks at hand and working intentionally. If you keep your work organized, you will find that it doesn’t have to take over your life!

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Most importantly, just keep it simple! Don’t over complicate your life and stress yourself out by multi-tasking, over-planning, and procrastinating. It’s just not necessary! Simplify, simplify, simplify.

As you work on living a productive & intentional life, keep in mind that not a single person in this world has been given a single second more in their day than you have. The hard-working, successful people aren’t that way because they miraculously added 6 hours to their day. No, it’s simply because they learned to manage their time well and be productive and intentional with their choices. YOU are the one who chooses how to use your time. YOU are the one who has to decide to be productive.

So now I want to hear from YOU! How do you stay productive and keep from falling into the rut of survival mode?  If you are stuck in survival mode, how do you get out? What steps are you taking to stop surviving and start thriving? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below!

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20 thoughts on “3 Simple Ways To Stay Productive & Get More Done

  1. It can be so hard to stay productive some times. Inevitably I will think of something else that also has to get done and start doing that. I have been working on this though and you have some great tips!

  2. Great tips you’ve shared here. I especlly like #1. I sometimes skip doing this, and when I do I regret it. It is something about preparing the night before that just works. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I like the idea of simplicity in life even though sometimes the easiest things are the most difficult! I really like how you say to finish what you start! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started to many projects and ended up just feeling defeated.

  4. I’ve been swamped at work and this came at a perfect time. It’s so important to prioritize and stay focused and organized. My plan is to do all 3 tomorrow 🙂

  5. Oh I love this!! Especially about setting priorities the night before and I love what you said about multi tasking as the enemy of productivity that is so good! So much wisdom!

  6. Great tips! I think prioritizing especially is huge. You simply can’t get everything done in a day so it’s a matter of choosing what is most important.

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